Skin Care | Mario Badescu 50th Anniversary Set

This whole post is 100% Shannon's fault, and I take no blame for this purchase...

Sometimes, the problem with being a blogger, or just genuinely being into skincare and makeup is that when you're talking about the products that you want to try your friends will then send you links to kits to help save you money... Cue Shannon sending me the link to the Mario Badescu 50th Anniversary Set after me mentioning that I wanted to try out the famous Drying Lotion.

So included in the 50th Anniversary Set is the Silver Powder; which is meant to "help draw out stubborn blackheads", "absorb excess oil and impurities" and be perfect for "oily [and] congested skin". Using a damp cotton pad to create a paste and press this onto the T-Zone, before removing after 10 minutes with a toner; you're meant to reveal "visibly clearer, healthier looking skin"... I personally don't, I just find it draws out more blackheads which I then struggle even more with. Also, the paste is really hard to work with, you have to really drag it onto the skin and as soon as any part of it dries the powder just flies off everywhere again, and it's just a nightmare to work with... This one isn't for me.

We then have the Flower and Tonic Maska "gentle, purifying mask" that "absorbs excess oil and shine" and is "infused with antioxidant-rich Gardenia Extract". A "deep-cleaning mask" ideal for "combination, oily or sensitive skin" that "is gentle on the skin... without leaving skin feeling dry or tight". I rarely reach for face masks designed for oily skin these days due to my skin often being left feeling tight, and I'm so over that feeling now, but this really did leave my skin feeling refreshed and only a thin layer was needed.

The Enzyme Cleansing Gel has very quickly become one of my daily favourites, a face wash ideal for "all skin" that has an "AHA-enhanced formula" that "deep cleans and removes excess shine". I still find it amazing that a face wash that is totally smooth can "gently exfoliate all at once", chemical peel territory is still very new to me. Although it promises to "dissolve away makeup, oil and impurities", the Enzyme Cleansing Gel has fitted into my morning skincare routine to help me combat that oil I tend to see more in the morning as it's incredibly gentle on the skin and that grapefruit extract is great at waking you up.

Now the Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater was the product I had no idea how I'd fit into my routine. It's said it "revitalizes with dewy radiance" and "boosts moisture and glow", but then you're also told that you can use it on your hair as well if needed? I'm not a massive user of sprays, I'm not in search of a dewy finish... So instead I've managed to fit this into my routine just before bed to give my skin that much-needed moisture boost!

Okay, why you're here... The famous Drying Lotion; the treatment that dries up spots overnight! I'm not going to give you a step by step review of the Drying Lotion, everyone knows not to shake it up, you dab it on your spots, go to sleep and et voila! Some nights I've been using so much you'd genuinely think I had chicken pox or something. This little bad boy even works on my pesky under the surface monsters that never come to head, however, I've also found that I have to use this sparingly as if I use this every single night then I end up drying my skin out and then I'm working with flaky skin also...