Friday First | Pixi Fast Flash Facial!

Oh, Pixi, I haven't actually dived into you as much as I should have done; so I treated myself to some little goodies!
Pixi is my holy grail when it comes to my toner, I'm well and truly up front on that Glow Tonic train. Now, with how well Glow Tonic works for my skin I'm not really sure why I've not tried a lot else from Pixi and their skincare goodies. While repurchasing my trusty Glow Tonic, I grabbed the Fast Flash Facial! to try out a couple of the goodies that Pixi currently have available.

The Fast Flash Facial! contains "deluxe travel sizes" of the Glow Tonic, Peel & Polish and the Rose Flash Balm; we all know my love for Glow Tonic, but I was really interested to try out the Peel & Polish and the Rose Flash Balm. So, Peel & Polish is an "enzyme peel" that "resurfaces for smoother, softer skin"; by using "natural fruit enzymes" to "loosen dead skin cells", "lactic acid gently exfoliates", "cellulose peels" and "sugar extracts polishes". Simply leave it on for 2 minutes, a couple of times a week and that's it, beautiful skin! All sounds a bit sexy and highly technical, right?

The Rose Flash Balm is a lot more simple, I promise. A "radiance-boosting balm" it's "the ultimate pick-me-up for tired, lacklustre skin helping with signs of fatigue". It's also "oil-free, [and] quick absorbing" Rose Flash Balm "instantly moisturizes... brightens, and is great as a revitalising mask, as well as a primer" (

Let's start with the Peel & Polish I've only recently started looking into peels, I'm not really sure what I'm meant to be seeing from them if I'm honest. Everyone describes them as giving you the skin you've always dreamed of. Being honest, I'm not crazy on this. For me the scent is something I can't describe, you can definitely smell the fruit but it's not a nice fruit scent and in turn that places a really bad taste in my mouth. I used this more so when my skin was really suffering and I really needed something to combat my dry, flaky areas that just wouldn't budge with my usual exfoliator. I can't say that I saw amazing results from this though, which was a major disappointment.

The Rose Flash Balm is 100% my jam, and you can bet your bottom dollar I was heartbroken when I finally finished this tube. I'll give you one thing Pixi, your travel sizes are deceiving and actually give you a load of product. The Rose Flash Balm made my skin feel wonderful, the level of moisture I got from this was something else. It's a really thick balm, but really nourishing at the same time. It also works insanely well as a primer, it leaves your skin feeling that perfect amount of tacky and my makeup looked flawless when I was using this. The scent is also to die for, that subtle rose hint.

Will I continue to use Pixi's Fast Flash Facial? I actually used the mini Glow Tonic while I was travelling in Paris as it was a perfect size. The Rose Flash Balm I also used while in Paris, and heartbreakingly I finished it a week after we came home. Peel & Polish is actually still sitting on my shelves in my bathroom, obviously, I don't have to use it daily so I still have a lot of product yet, and I only really find myself reaching for it when I'm really struggling.
Will I repurchase Pixi's Fast Flash Facial? Glow Tonic always sits in my basket, ready for when I next need it. You can also bet that I'll now be buying the Rose Flash Balm when I next place an order. I think I'll be skipping Peel & Polish though; ultimately it's not for me, and I do have some more peels to try out.
Would I recommend Pixi's Fast Flash Facial? I really would. I found this little set a great way to try out different products that Pixi offer in their skincare ranges. I'll definitely be looking into more of these sets, as at £20, it's a great way to try out some new products before fully committing to the full-size products!
Overall score out of 5? Easily a 4. This set is my new favourite way to discover new Pixi products, and it allowed me to work out what will be worth my money and what didn't quite work for me. If you're thinking about trying out some Pixi products, but you're not really sure, try out these sets and give the little sample sizes a go!