Friday First | L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo

I'm that girl who will enjoy one product from a brand and will then try anything else included in the range... I imagine I'm a brands ideal customer.
For me the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay range is the best thing that has happened to my hair, I'm not even exaggerating when I say that it has changed the way my hair behaves and it's totally more manageable. When I saw they also had a dry shampoo in the range I was instantly interested, how wrong can you go with a dry shampoo? I rely on dry shampoo quite heavily; working three days in a row, and having hair that takes an hour to wash and dry, means that when I'm at work dry shampoo is my best friend.

L'Oreal state that you will have "clean and fresh hair in one simple step" that will "absorb excess oil from the roots" to "extend the feeling of freshness" (

Surely, it can't be that hard to get a dry shampoo right? Well, apparently it is. From the first time I sprayed this into my hair I had doubts, it was invisible and didn't seem to be doing much. I always use dry shampoo the night before I need it, to give it time to soak up the excess oil and really work its way into my hair. Luckily, I put this to the test on a day where I didn't need to be anywhere, so the fact that I woke up to find it had done nothing for my hair wasn't a huge problem. My hair didn't seem any greasier than it normally would, but it definitely didn't soak up any of my excess oil and my hair was not left feeling fresh. I've tried this a couple of times since, somehow thinking I'd probably used it wrong, but nothing has changed for me since.

Will I continue to use L'Oreal's Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo? This has already found its way into my regrets pile. It didn't do anything for my hair, so there is no point in me reaching for it again.
Will I repurchase L'Oreal's Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo? Definitely not. I love everything else from the Extraordinary Clay range from L'Oreal, but this was a huge disapppointment. It's a shame, because it had so much potential!
Would I recommend L'Oreal's Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo? I'm really struggling to even think what I'd recommend about this product, which I know sounds really harsh. In all seriousness though, I can't think of a single thing that this dry shampoo actually did for my hair.
Overall score out of 5? 0.5, and I know that is extremely harsh. The only saving grace of this dry shampoo is that it didn't make my hair look greasy, which some dry shampoos have done in the past. Even if you see this on offer, save your money girls.