Beauty | The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask

Jesus Christ, I'm the worlds biggest culprit of never jumping on hypes quick enough, or even taking peoples advice on highly recommended products!
I struggle with my hair daily. I have oily roots, but dry ends. I have bleach in my hair, and I use heat on my hair most days... My hair must absolutely hate me and sometimes it's just crying for some TLC.

Every time I've asked for advice on what I should use to give my hair a little extra something, it's not long before the banana hair mask from The Body Shop is mentioned and ridiculously highly recommended. The Body Shop have a little miracle in a tub that is made up of "organic banana puree... and Brazil nut oil" and is "enriched with Brazilian capuaƧu" but I promise you, if you're not a fan of bananas no need to worry; I get the biggest hit of a mixture of coconut and that beautiful holiday smell more than anything else. The Body Shop promises that their banana hair mask will leave your hair "intensely nourished... instantly shinier" and that hair will "look less frizzy" (

Now all of that sounds like an absolute dream for my hair, and oh lord it is. My hair already loves this stuff, and believe me, so do I. It's quite a thick mask, but a little really does go a long way. Unlike some hair masks I've used in the past it's super easy to wash out and my hair isn't left feeling horribly greasy, or heavy. My hair is a lot more manageable, and my frizz is definitely reduced. Also, the scent of this mask lingers in my hair for a few days and it's currently my favourite thing. Thank you, Body Shop for once again creating another item that I now cannot be without.