Friday First | Troublemaker Urban Decay

So boys and girls, let me talk to you about why you don't buy a product purely because the packing looks pretty...

As you can see, I fell down Urban Decay's Troublemaker trap; the mascara that was meant to have the beautiful packaging and that claim. In reality, the packaging is chunky and just looks cheap, and I think I'd be even lucky if I even got to test that claim with how it made my lashes look. Before we move onto the claims lets actually talk about the packaging. Now, this isn't a cheap mascara, and Urban Decay isn't any old brand. I have seen photos of Troublemaker floating around everywhere with its almost holographic tube, so imagine my confusion, and I can't even say disappointment, but my heartbreak when I realised that I'd just been charged nearly £20 for a chunky clear, cheap plastic tube, that Urban Decay describes as "a double-walled, faceted tube with a prismatic finish"... Urban Decay claims to be able to give you "13.7x the volume", with a mascara that "volumizes and lengthens as it separates" , and that you will be "stirring up trouble with your badass lashes" and that Troublemaker's "formula layers beautifully without clumping". Troublemaker is meant to give you "thicker, longer and fanned-out looking lashes" thanks to the "killer custom brush... designed... to comb and separate lashes to make it look like you have more of them", Urban Decay promise that on the brush "tiny precision hooks grab lashes to pull the product through..." (

Let's state the obvious, Troublemaker did not work for me in the slightest. Where on earth it was meant to make me look like I had more lashes when in reality all this mascara did was make my lashes clump together and look like I had about 4; I was a 60s girls dream! I couldn't put that claim (which funnily enough is never mentioned anywhere other than the packaging and release press), or the volumising claim to the test because in all honestly the minute I put this on I had to take it off, the smell was horrendous. I'm not normally overly sensitive with makeup smells and I can usually forgive most, but the cheap chemical smell of this could not be forgiven. The formula is too wet to work with, and I mean it's wet, I'd expect it to just pour from the tube if you held it upside down, you cannot work with it. My whole experience with Troublemaker was cheap, the brush is cheap and just reminds me of a typical brush in a mascara you'd find anywhere and the packaging just broke my heart and I was so annoyed with how much that had just cost me.

Will I continue to use Urban Decay's Troublemaker? I used this once and it's never been near my eyes again since. I just cannot make it work, and the smell is just something else. I'm not usually sensitive to smells, but the smell of this one is trouble.
Will I repurchase Urban Decay's Troublemaker? Funnily enough no. Troublemaker costs the same as my regular mascara that causes me no issues and that I can work with. Almost out of making a point alone for me, for a mascara to be worth £19.50 I'd be expecting a hell of a lot more than chunky, clear plastic packaging. I expected a lot more from Urban Decay.
Would I recommend Urban Decay's Troublemaker? Not at all, in fact, don't even give this mascara a second look. Don't let the sex-proof claim even peak your interest, and for the love of god don't let the packaging be what takes your fancy because it'll only break your heart! The mascara itself is cheap and smells offensive, and I just don't understand what Urban Decay has done with Troublemaker.
Overall score out of 5? A 1, and that's being generous. First and foremost I cannot use this mascara, it's too wet and never seemed to dry down. The smell of chemicals coming from the mascara is offensive and I'm pretty sure it irritated my eyes. The packaging is offensive, and the claims are so ridiculous they're funny. For £19.50 I've never been more let down, especially by Urban Decay who I usually love.