Friday First | Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Oh, a product I never wanted to fall in love with, but thanks to Sephora's Favourite Prime, Set, Go box I now have a new favourite...

For as long as I can remember, Laura Mercier is that brand that every YouTuber and beauty guru has always used and recommended. I can't say I've ever gone out of my way to find it in the UK and try it for myself, purely because I've always felt that it's out of my price budget, although I've never actually looked at the price... That's my logic for you. Let's cut to the chase the Laura Mercier Powder has some high claims, even to the point it's been described as the "best in beauty". Laura Mercier promises that their powder "feels incredibly soft and silky-light" and that it "goes on evenly, blends effortlessly, provides great wear" and "sets makeup without adding weight or texture". Laura Mercier promises that their "translucent shade works on virtually all skin tones" to create "a modern matte finish" with a "soft-focus effect that subtly blurs the look of fine lines and imperfections" and promises to not "settle into fine lines or pores, and never looks cakey" (

In the Sephora Favourite Prime, Set, Go box the powder came with the velour puff, which is usually sold separately to the powder. The instructions of the velour puff are to "work the powder into the puff by folding the halves together, or tapping the powdered side vigorously on the back of your hand", before you then "gently press the puff onto the skin, using a rolling motion to work the powder in" ( Now, this is not how I use the puff, I simply tap it into the powder and then gently press it into my skin...

So let's work through all of those high claims. I have to agree, the Laura Mercier powder really does apply evenly, and it really does provide a matte finish with a subtle blur without adding weight to my face. I use this to set all of my makeup, as we know I'm an oily girl, and the look this powder adds to my makeup is beautiful, and just makes it look flawless. I don't find that this looks cakey, but then neither does my daily powder so that's a claim I can't really test. For me using the velour puff really does help me press the powder into those areas that definitely need setting, and I'm almost annoyed that I fell in love with the velour puff so quickly.

Will I continue to use the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder? This is currently my daily powder, and I'm reaching for it every single time I'm setting my face or that I'm refreshing my makeup. It keeps my makeup looking fresh all day long, although I have noticed that it doesn't hold it fantastically to keep my oil away all day long.
Will I repurchase the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder? As much as I love this powder, for £29 I don't think I'll be running out to pick it up tomorrow. I've started setting my t-zone with my usual daily powder, to ensure I stay matte all day long. My go-to powder only costs me £13, and it does a better job at keeping my matte.
Would I recommend the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder? If you've got some money to treat yourself with, and you're looking for a new powder then I'd definitely recommend picking this up and giving it a go. The finish it gives your makeup is definitely worth it, just be aware that if you suffer from an oily t-zone, this might not be the powder you rely on.
Overall score out of 5? I'll give it a 3. I love how my makeup looks, that flawless look is definitely something that everyone wants. I personally find the velour puff helps me set my makeup a lot better. Although, it doesn't keep me matte all day long and touching up with a loose powder at work is not something I can do, compared to my usual press powder which I can use without even needing a mirror.