Beauty | The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Range

That's it, we've made it through 2017 and boy what a year it's been. There have been a few downs, but many, many ups. Being a little bit cliche, I want to end 2017 on a high... Who actually wants to go out on a bad review? So let me talk to you all about the scent that pulled me through the end of this year.

Now I already know what you're thinking; Beka, just how can you be talking about a limited edition Body Shop range? Because, my lovelies, I stocked up on it so much I have plenty to get me through! Pumpkin is my autumn scent, without a doubt. Anything pumpkin I'm all about... Yes, I'm that basic, don't even ask me how many PSL's I had this year. Vanilla is a scent that I reach for all year round; for me, it's totally versatile. You can freshen it up in Spring and Summer, and you can deepen it come, Autumn and Winter, which for me was the perfect way to describe The Body Shop's vanilla pumpkin range.

I have worn this scent to death, to the point that my hand cream was one of the first things I threw in my hand luggage for Florida and it's still in my handbag now. I love the hand creams from The Body Shop, a little goes such a long way and they are so nourishing. For me, it's definitely been my favourite scent from the back end of this year and if The Body Shop could release this range permanently, I'd be super happy.

I hope you're all seeing the new year in whatever way you enjoy most; I'm at work today and back in tomorrow so I'll be having a quiet drink with the parents. Happy New Year everyone!