Beauty | Physicians Formula Butter Blush

Did I buy a blush purely because everyone tells me just how incredible it smells? Yes, yes I did, and I'm not ashamed.

Before I flew out to America I was creating a list of all the makeup items I needed to get my hands on, that I simply can't get at home. While asking around the one brand that kept coming up was Physicians Formula, specifically their Butter Blush. There are only 4 shades to chose from in the whole Butter Blush line, and Plum Rose was really the only shade that stood out to me as a colour I'd actually wear. It has turned out that it's not a daily blush shade for me, but one that works if I have a dark eye or lip look.

Everyone knows that the smell of these blushes are why they are so well known and, believe me, they smell incredible! Even through all the packaging, you can smell the beauty of it, and it took everything I had to wait to get this photographed before I could use it! What's even better is the smell lingers on my brush, so even when applying a different blush I still get that little Physicians Formula magic.

So the Butter Blush is enriched with "Murumuru, Capuacu and Tucuma Butter" all of which are "packed with essential fatty acids and pro-vitamins" that work to "soften, condition and moisturize skin" ( Now I can't say I've noticed my cheeks looking or feeling any softer, or shiny but this blush stays in place all day long once it is applied. As you can see from the photos, Butter Blush comes with a little applicator that applies on one side and blends from the other. I haven't personally used this and it's lived in the little section under the blush ever since I opened it. Purely because the feel of the applicator isn't something I'd reach for, and I prefer applying a blush and then blending it out with a brush.