Guestober | 5 Skincare Products Every Girl With Acne Prone Skin Needs


This is for the ones who wake up in the morning dreading putting makeup on, for the ones who look in the mirror and all they see is that one huge spot dominating their whole face. We've both been long-time sufferers of acne so we know what it's like to not even want to leave the house because of pesky skin issues. This is our lifesavers guide to conquering spot prone skin. 

It was after a fit of rage scouring the web for anything to help those cystic spots that this miracle worker was found. We swear by this product - if you’re prone to those under the skin volcanos that won’t budge this product will change your life. We hate it when people talk about products and say after one application at night it will be gone - we’re yet to find anything that does that (unfortunately). But if you recognise a spot before it’s turned in to a full-blown monster simply dabbing a bit of this stuff on will dramatically reduce it. It does work if it’s fully developed - but just takes longer to shift.

Exfoliation is a must if you have spot prone skin - but make sure you aren’t overdoing it! This scrub really helps to tame unruly skin whilst also keeping it silky smooth.

Only available over the counter - this stuff is the best wash and gel you can get without having to go to the doctors! It dries up oily areas of the face that cause acne and works on both cystic acne and whiteheads. However, use this stuff sparingly because it can dry out your skin and leave you looking scaly. We’d recommend 2 times a week for the wash and 3/4 for the gel.

After a particularly bad breakout and an up and coming night out - something full coverage is exactly what’s needed! This Vichy derma blend foundation really helps hide blemishes and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. We’d only use this for particularly bad skin days because although it covers blemishes miraculously, its thick and doesn’t really give the skin much room to breathe. 


These products have really helped us through some bad breakouts, and we really hope they will be of some help to all of you suffering out there – we know how hard it can be. For more blog posts from us visit

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