Guestober | Winter Skincare Tips

As the weather starts to turn colder we are often guilty of not paying as much attention to our skin as do in the summer months. However, your skin is put through a lot during the winter so we have put together some essential winter skincare tips to keep you glowing all year round.

During the winter our skin is subjected to extremes of cold followed by the warmth of central heating which can have a very drying effect on the skin. The winter weather can seriously strip the skin of vital moisture levels so it is important to take good care of it if you want to avoid that tight, dry feeling.
To boost your skin you need boost your moisturiser so something thicker and richer will have the effects you need. Look for key ingredients such as Vitamin E to help keep your skin healthy.

Many of us might cringe at the thought of adding oil to our skin, but in the winter it can really help. A good quality, non-greasy facial oil helps to nourish and balance the skin, restoring that glowing appearance.

Another use for oil in the winter is as a body treatment. Make sure your bath is not too hot and then coat the skin in an essential oil to really boost its moisture levels. Simply blot dry with a towel and your skin will feel instantly hydrated.

Whilst we may spend many months looking at dark clouds, that does not mean that we are no longer at risk from UV rays. Even through the snow, you still protect your skin with sunscreen or skincare products containing good levels of SPF.

Looking after the outside of your body sometimes means looking after the inside too. Drinking plenty of water gives the skin a massive hydrating boost, whilst the right foods in your diet can also improve skin health. We all know that we need a good balance of vitamins and minerals, but so does your skin. Fatty acids from foods such as oily fish, nuts and avocado help to skin hydrated and youthful, and vitamins A and E are essential skin boosting ingredients.

Exercise is also a vital tool in caring for the skin as well as the rest of the body. Periods of sensible exercise raise the pulse rate and encourage blood circulation, giving your skin that much sought after glow. Don’t forget, if the weather is bad the exercise doesn’t have to be outside. A session in the gym or even a workout DVD at home can be just as good.

To look after your skin properly you need to think about what you take off as much as what you put on. Dead skin cells can make the complexion look dull, so a gentle exfoliation product not only helps to brighten your skin it also makes it easier to absorb any products, increasing the luminosity of your skin.

There is no single magic product that will look after your skin this winter, it instead needs a combination of all the right factors. Using serums helps the penetration of your moisturiser, nourishing the skin to even greater levels. You need to find the right combination of products for your particular skin type and that’s where the experts at a beauty salon can help. Booking a facial treatment allows them to look at exactly what each area of your skin needs. They can treat any problem areas as well as recommend some fantastic products to take home and keep your skin looking bright and youthful all winter long.

Louisa Fryatt is the blogger behind and has worked in the professional beauty industry for 13 years as a magazine editor and PR agent.