Guestober | Planning Ahead

When it comes to blogging, especially professional blogging, you need to plan ahead. And while our lovely host has been super organised, I have not been. You see, when it comes to planning stuff, I am the worst. Or am I?

It all started months ago, I had decided that I was going to get organised. I would plan my posts, scheduled work, and actually be on top of stuff. But what happens when you try and do stuff like this? The Universe decides to throw every possible disaster it can at you. I’m not talking anything major, like a serious illness. Just a series of annoying things that make you lose sight of what you are supposed to be doing.
My family is one of my biggest distractions. My mum needs a lift to work. There is a doctor’s appointment that someone suddenly needs driven to. I’m not talking about people that have asked in advance for my help. I get a phone call and I’m expected to drop what I’m doing to lift and lay after someone else.

My health/fitness is another big hurdle for me. Catching the cold, catching a viral infection that makes you sleep for 3 days, or hurting myself. Some of these things (like general sickness) can’t be avoided. As I am typing this up, I am in bed with my leg in agony. I fell during a mud run and bashed my calf off something. I am now facing a massive set back in my marathon training.

These random things which seem to happen and distract us from what we are doing are completely avoidable. People will always expect you to drop what you are doing and come running. Accidents will happen and will knock you back. Life happens. And while it might be nice to sit and muse about how things happen for a reason, it’s not helping anyone.

We all have plans. We want to excel and do well. And we don’t need life throwing us curve balls if they can be avoided. If you should working and someone phones you, and asks you to drop what you are doing to help them, tell them no. If you are working on your fitness, don’t take part in activities where you might injure yourself. Don’t feel like you have to say yes to everything. It’s ok to say no. And when you start to say no and focus on yourself, your plans go better and you can make time to help others. And isn’t that what we all want anyway?

Psst….this was supposed to be a beauty post but I got so bogged down with doing stuff for others, I couldn’t get peace to do it. But heavy eye makeup can help hide repeated eye rolls when people ask you for favours. Just saying.

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