Skin Care | Pretty Suds

I totally have the best friends ever, quite often they send me links to products that are totally Harry Potter related. But Harley totally wins this one, sending me the prettiest products ever that just so happen to be influenced by Harry Potter as well! Doesn't the girl know me well?

Pretty Suds currently have a magic line as part of their Halloween range, which let's be honest have you ever seen anything more Harry Potter in your life? So let's start with the Sorting Hat bath bomb, which I 100% ordered because of the sorting hat pendant that came with it. The concept of this bath bomb is incredibly simple but incredibly effective. A white bath bomb, which will then reveal your house colours once it hits the water. Disappointingly, I also called that this would reveal Gryffindor as my house, so I'm now deciding if I need to buy three more just to see if the other houses exist in this bath bomb. The bath bomb has the scents of patchouli, vanilla, rose, orange and jasmine which are definitely there, but as soon as this it the water they definitely diluted and almost disappeared entirely.

The next thing that caught my eye from this range was the Pumpkin Juice bath milk, now I have used this in a couple of different ways. Naturally, with it being a bath milk I used it in my bath while I was at Ryan's and it added a beautiful pumpkin-y scent to my bath and I was in total autumn paradise. I've also used it in my shower as a body wash, which although it didn't lather up it definitely left a pumpkin scent on my skin. I don't think I'd be able to call myself a Harry Potter fan if I hadn't picked up the Butterbeer shower gel. Described as having a butterscotch scent with a touch of vanilla, is anyone really surprised I picked this up? This lathers up like a dream and the scent just carries through my entire bathroom.

Being totally in love with the products already in my basket I decided to look at what else Pretty Suds had to offer. If You Like Pina Coladas shower jelly totally caught my eye; hello anything pina colada scent will! I've never tried a shower jelly, I've always had my eye on them from Lush but just never picked one up. These are the funniest thing you could possibly ever use while in a shower. It's meant to be pineapple and coconut, but the pineapple scent totally drowns out any other scented product you'll use for the next week.

I can't lie, the colour of Violet totally grabbed my attention and who doesn't want to smell like a Parma Violet? I was so excited to use this, but personally, I couldn't really smell it and I don't think the scent carried through, but Ryan assures me that it did and I definitely smelled like a parma violet.