Friday First | NYX Studio Perfect & Shine Killer Primers

Every single time I ask for product recommendations for a new primer that is going to help me attack redness and my shine at bay, then NYX always seems to be the brand that is mentioned to me. Without fail I will have Shine Killer, especially, recommended every single time, so I finally bit the bullet and picked it up to finally try out along with the Photo-Loving primer.

Having a NYX stand in my local Boots is both the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me. You will always find me stood at that stand looking for what new things I want to pick up and try, but my bank account doesn't always thank me for it. Shine Killer was finally back in stock so I grabbed it without a second thought. Shine Killer is a really simple concept, simply "smooth it on before your favourite foundation for a fresh, flawless, marvellously matte look" that promises to "last[s] and last[s]" ( I also reached for the Photo-Loving Primer in Anti-Redness green which states that it "is easily absorbed, creates a smooth surface for foundation, and ensure the longevity of your makeup" (

So let's start with the Photo-Loving Primer. As you can see from the photo this primer has the tendency to be a little wet, meaning you really do have to shake it up before using it just as the instructions tell you to do. Once blending out the greenness all but disappears and does almost nothing for any redness that I might be suffering with. As an everyday primer, it's nice, but it's not a breakout primer and doesn't really do anything special or anything my usual primer doesn't. Let's talk about Shine Killer, I don't know what I was expecting but in another breath, the consistency was exactly what I was expecting. Initially, my skin looks incredible and flawlessly matte, but this fades throughout the day. Did Shine Killer do anything special in terms of keeping me matte? Absolutely not. My skin became shiny and still needed to be powdered throughout the day, in fact, my current primer does a better job for me.

Will I continue to use the NYX Primer & Shine Killer? I won't be reaching for them on a daily basis, but I will get them used up. They'll probably be the products I reach for when I'm in between my usual products. On the days where I'm particularly suffering from my shine then I might reach for Shine Killer just for my t-zone, but otherwise, I can't see a lot of use for either.
Will I repurchase the NYX Primer & Shine Killer? Definitely not. For £10.50 and £11 they didn't do anything special, and I actually have primers that do the same job, if not better for a better price.
Would I recommend the NYX Primer & Shine Killer? I personally wouldn't. For colour correction I think it's better to prime, then colour correct with a totally separate product. My Soap & Glory Fab Serum works perfectly as a primer that keeps me matte all day long and gives me more benefit than Shine Killer did.
Overall score out of 5? A 2, 1 each. I'm highly disappointed, especially with these being NYX products. Everything else I've tried from NYX I have loved so much, and so many people recommended these products to me. Maybe my skin is just too oily for these products to work properly or for me to see any benefit, but I definitely won't be reaching for or repurchasing these.