Beauty | Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit

Remember all the hype that surrounded the Barry M Matte Me Lip Kits when they first came out? Well, I finally jumped on that train long after it had left the station and finally picked one up. Now, my local Superdrug doesn't have the best Barry M stand and colour selection was a bit poor. That, and metallic is definitely in this season, but I don't want shiny lips thanks.

I'm still on the hunt for a perfect nude; one that isn't too pink or too brown and I thought Go To would be perfect. So with a name like Go To Nude, you can imagine how surprised I was when I found that it just pulls really brown on me. Turns out it's not a huge problem, in fact in the perfect colour for recreating that perfect 90s grunge look.

I wasn't expecting a great deal from this lip kit but boy was I proven wrong. The lip liner just glides like butter, there is no tugging and it's so highly pigmented you could easily colour your lip and be on your way. The lip paint does initially apply a lot lighter than the lip liner, but it does dry down to the same colour pretty quickly. This kit does not budge, I can eat a full meal and drink as many cups of tea as I like and I don't need to touch up at all. It's not super drying and I actually forget it's on my lips. Time to hunt down every other colour in the Matte range.