Skin Care | Pixi Beauty Double Cleanse

I can't even attempt to lie, this was a product that was totally influenced by other bloggers; a 'the bloggers made me buy it' shall we say. A solid cleanser is now a huge staple of my skin care, and The Body Shop cleanser is my go to but as soon as I saw Double Cleanse it caught my attention and it immediately jumped to the top of my to try list.

The double cleansing aspect definitely interested me, and I wanted to know if the double cleanser would have any added bonus to my skincare. Double Cleanse is split into a solid cleansing oil and a cleansing cream. The solid cleansing oil works to break down and remove any makeup. Made up of Vitamin E, Camellia Oil and Evening Primrose Oil to; protect, condition, nourish, heal and moisturise. The cleansing cream works to condition the skin and itself are made up of Vitamin C, Peptide Complex and Arginine; to promote collagen, protect, relax lines, plump, improve cell renewal and promote elasticity. 

Pixi's instructions for using Double Cleanse are to use it once daily in the evening, apply a coin size amount of the solid oil to dry skin, massage in and remove with a moist facecloth, before following with a coin size amount of the cleansing cream massaged into the skin before removing that with a moist facecloth (

My only issue Pixi is what actually qualifies as a coin size amount? Are we talking 5p, or are we talking 50p? As you can imagine, depending on how much you use depends on how quickly you get through Double Cleanse. I'm using mine sparingly, I don't actually need a lot to get my makeup off and leave my face feeling squeaky clean although I do also put this down the fact that I remove it with a cloth rather than just water. Also, this bad boy cost me £24 so believe me when I say that I'm not going to just throw it around.

I wouldn't say it's an awful product, but I can't say I've noticed a huge difference in my skin. I'm probably not going to rush out to repurchase this, in fact, I'm going to stick with my £10 cleanser from The Body Shop, which is easier to get hold of and doesn't break my bank or my heart when repurchasing.