Skin Care | L'Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water

I'm not usually one for running out and buying a new product just because I've seen it advertised in a magazine, but there was just something about the new Hydra Genius Aloe Vera from L'Oreal that really caught my eye and made me run to Boots just two days later.

Tell me that you're creating a moisturiser that looks and acts like water, that will be absorbed into my skin instantly then you definitely already have my money. So, L'Oreal created their Hydra Genius with Asian skincare in mind and promises that my skin will be refreshed, recharged, and moisture will be locked in.

Hydra Genius being very similar to water in texture means that it is "immediately absorbed... [and] rehydrates and reinvigorates the skin". So the clue is in the name, but containing "aloe vera water releases continuous hydration and drenches the skin with moisture for up to 72 hours", as well as containing "hyaluronic acid moisturiser [that] penetrates deeply for a healthy-looking glow" ( So L'Oreal suggest to only use one pump, which as you can see in the bottom picture gives you plenty of product to work with and you easily have enough for your whole face. I personally only use this before I go to bed to allow the moisture to really work overnight, I also have a very secure skincare routine in the morning that I really don't want to mess around with. Although, I have occasionally used Hydra Genius in the morning before applying my makeup and my makeup does apply like a dream over this.

So has Hydra Genius actually done anything for me or is it just a fad? I genuinely can tell a difference in my skin, the dry patches have definitely improved and I do think my skin looks better since I've been using it. So I don't have the Hydra Genius that is designed for my skin, although I can't really say that I feel that it makes a huge difference because for me hydration is so much better than any skin type.