Friday First | Lime Crime Velvetines

For that small 13-year-old within, who stumbled across the makeup universe late one night and it was so much bigger than the tiny stands I was used to in Boots; Lime Crime was the one that caught my eye. The whole identity of the brand, the name of the shades, the whole concept of liquid lipsticks was just something I lusted over for as long as I can remember.

Liquid lipsticks then became the range, they became easy to get my hands on and Lime Crime seemed to just disappear to the back of my mind as a brand that I wanted to get my hands on. I'm well aware that Lime Crime as a brand has had their fair share of drama, but I'm not the type of person that takes that into consideration when trying products from a brand. Does all this past drama affect their ability to make a lipstick shade that I really want to try though?

Once again, Depop is my demon and literally within two days I'd got my hands on the True Love bundle which retailed for $60 for just £28 and the holy grail Cashmere, which retails for $20 for £11. The True Love bundle is made up of the three shades Cupid; a petal pink, True Love; a vibrant pinky red, and Saint; a cranberry red, all of which are Velvetines. Naturally, the most famous Velvetine from Lime Crime is Cashmere (; the famous greige shade, and if I'm being honest Lime Crime was the first brand that I can remember doing this shade before it became popular.

So what exactly is a Velvetine from Lime Crime? Simply put, a Velvetine is "the original liquid matte lipstick inspired by rose petals". All shades promise to be "richly pigmented", "touch-proof, kiss-proof and utterly addictive" with a "velvety matte finish that lasts for hours and hours" ( Also let's be honest, having vanilla scent never did anyone any harm either! The instructions of how to apply the Velvetines are exactly the same, and all promise that they won't "bleed or transfer, [or] dry out properly moisturized lips". To get the perfect finish that you are promised Lime Crime state that the best thing to do is "apply lip balm 15 minutes prior; pat off excessive oils with a tissue" and then at the end of the day just remove with a "waterproof makeup remover or oil" (

Now, Lime Crime is not kidding when they state that these lipsticks are every kind of proof going. I put Cashmere to the ultimate test and wore it the day I and Ryan went to a food festival; naturally, if a liquid lipstick is going to fail anywhere then it's going to fail here right? Wrong, this did not budge an inch. They do remove so easily though; usually, I find that liquid lipsticks that tend to be more on the budge proof side are more difficult to remove but not the Velvetines, they come off as easily as they went on. However, your lips do feel it right at the beginning. I put on so much lip balm before applying Cashmere, as I do with any liquid lipstick and really let it soak in but right in the very corners of my lips it was so dry it was uncomfortable and I felt like I couldn't talk or open my mouth properly. I had to open my mouth as wide as I possibly could, and then, in the end, I had to very subtly rub off the lipstick from the corners of my mouth. Two days later I could really feel it, the corners of my lips had been dried out so much they had actually cracked and it's only two weeks later that I've managed to get them to heal up and I can now wear any kind of lipstick again.

Will I continue to use the Velvetines from Lime Crime? I think I will, amazingly the shades I have in Lime Crime are actually different from the other liquid lipsticks that I already own. I do know that Cashmere is going to be that colour I reach for on a night out, and it's definitely coming to Disney for all the Halloween reasons.
Will I repurchase any of the Velvetines from Lime Crime? I'm really torn on this answer. Part of me feels that there is no reason; Lime Crime aren't necessarily the only brand doing the out there colours anymore, in fact, some of the colours I love I know I can get something similar from other brands that I know I already love. The scent and how budge proof these lipsticks are though just keeps drawing me back in and it just won't let me go.
Would I recommend the Velvetines from Lime Crime? If you don't have overly sensitive lips that don't freak out the minute that they become dry then you are going to be absolutely fine. Otherwise, I'm going to recommend you wear these with a shit tonne of lip balm, before and after, and I mean really look after your lips afterwards. That aside though, the staying power of these lipsticks is reason enough for me to be telling everyone that they should own at least one Lime Crime Velvetine for themselves.
Overall score out of 5? A 3. The scent is something I will always be in love with, anything vanilla flavoured and you have me. The staying power of these is just magical like I really don't know how they do it. I didn't really notice I'd got the Velvetines on my lips, apart from in the corners and afterwards the corners of my lips were just totally torn up and I just can't ignore that.