Skin Care | Scrub Love Coconut Mango

We're all adults here and you all know how open I am about what skin issues I suffer with when it comes to trying out the majority of products under the sun to battle them. Getting ready my body ready for summer is one of those things that totally fills me with dread; I'm also not talking about getting into shape, I'm talking about getting my skin ready for summer.

I've spoken about the acne that affects my shoulders and the top of my back on here often enough that I really don't care about it anymore; it exists and a lot more people seem to suffer with it than I previously allowed myself to believe. Although I end up in a very vicious circle; having my shoulders and back out in the warmer weather actually seems to help it clear up enough, but also when I'm at work in a full uniform then it also just gets worse.

Body scrubs are also one of the few things in life that also really help my skin, and they've become a lot easier to get hold of these days. This beautiful coconut mango body scrub from Scrub Love was included in this months Birchbox, and oh my god it's genuinely summer in a bag. Coconut Mango literally gives itself away; the scrub is made from exactly that, a coconut and a mango. So far so that the coconut shell acts as the exfoliant in this scrub, which is new. Scrub Love says to use this gently, in small circles and leave on for as long as possible to allow your skin to soak everything up.

Now, being made from a coconut and a mango means that this little bag is packed full of goodness. I'm used to using sugar scrubs so I really get a coarse, dry scrub but Coconut Mango gives something different. It's definitely a soft scrub, but it really does exfoliate, and they are not kidding when they say to use this gently; rubbing this in too hard will leave you feeling like you have ripped your skin from itself. Also, I've used scrubs with essential and natural oils in before but Scrub Love left me with a coat like feeling across the top of my back and shoulders, which I had to really rinse off. If you like that then it's great, but personally, I don't and I had to get it off!

All in all Scrub Love is definitely helping me get ready for summer; I have more than enough left for at least two more scrubs across my back and shoulders and purely for the scent, I can't wait! When I mix this with my Pinita Colada range from The Body Shop afterwards, I feel like I'm a walking coconut!