Skin Care | Mitchum Advanced Control Deodorant

This is 100% a "blogger made me buy it" post, and all of the blame goes to Erin from Make Erin Over. I don't do heat; I love the sunshine and being out in the sunshine, but I hate feeling horrible, sweaty, and just desperate for a shower. The UK is currently experiencing some crazy heat, for our standards at least, and without fail I will be at work on the hottest days, in a uniform that doesn't let me breathe, just praying that I had a miracle to keep me feeling fresh.

Now, Erin raved about Mitchum's Pure Fresh Spray promising that "It is AMAZING. and impossible to sweat through. So good." (, so I didn't even think twice when it caught my eye in Superdrug and I grabbed both a Powder Fresh Deodorant Spray and a Shower Fresh Deodorant Roll-On. Mitchum's Deodorant Spray's promise to "keep you feeling dry and confident for 48 hours" and "minimises white marks". The deodorant spray also "contains aloe and vitamin E to soothe and condition skin", something very important to me if I'm using it on a daily basis. Mitchum's Deodorant Roll-On's promise to give "ultra powerful sweat and odour control" and "maximum wetness protection with the highest level of active ingredients" to also keep you feeling dry for 48 hours (

You can imagine how many looks I was getting while I was testing out a roll-on deodorant on my hand, but I hate roll-on deodorants because they usually always leave me having to walk around with my arms in the air for a lifetime before they dry and then are still sticky? But Mitchum's dried down on my hand pretty quickly and it also seemed to disappear, it literally dried down and didn't budge!

I use my Powder Fresh spray on a daily basis as my regular deodorant and I don't think I'll be looking back, I feel 100% protected and I still smell wonderful. I use my Shower Fresh roll-on on those really hot days where I need to top up my deodorant throughout the day and could do with a freshen up. The first day using this I totally panicked; I got home from a 12-hour shift, and still had to peel myself out of my uniform. I wasn't drenched in sweat though, and my underarms were still completely dry and protected.