Friday First | Too Faced Mascara Melt Off

I love nothing more than when I make an order with a brand, only to then find out at the checkout that I'll be receiving two free gifts and I get to pick those gifts! I'm not sure what I was more excited for; ordering Glitter Bomb from Too faced, or picking my two free gifts. The first gift I had to choose was the Mascara Melt Off; I'm still currently using up my Better Than Sex mascara and although it's not waterproof, as I mentioned in my review, it's an absolute bugger to get off and I'm always left with panda eyes.

Too Faced promise to be able to "remove every trace of both waterproof and regular mascara with the most effective, gentlest remover EVER" which also promises to be a "conditioning, oil-based formula". Melt Off is made up of "antioxidant-rich Green Tree extract infused to protect lashes" along with "Rice Lipids Extract to condition lashes". Melt Off works by "the precision wand coat[s] lashes base-to-tip" that you then leave for "at least 60 seconds to allow the product the penetrate lashes" before you just "sweep away the dissolved mascara", "no more rubbing, tugging, or racoon eyes!" (

The fact that all I need to do is apply Melt Off while I'm either getting changed for bed or sorting my hair out for the next day is just too good to be true. I make sure that all of my lashes are really coated with Melt Off, and I also make sure that both sides of my lashes are truly coated to make sure that every inch of mascara within its life is moved. I then usually just go in with my micellar water to remove everything, and panda eyes are no longer a thing that I have to worry about. I've even started using this even if I've removed all of my makeup with my cleansing balm, just to condition my lashes while I sleep.

Will I continue to use Too Faced's Mascara Melt Off? I reach for this every single day; especially those days when I've been wearing makeup. As much as I try to reach for it when I have naked lashes to condition them a little, I usually forget I won't lie. I'll be using this little tube until it's running dry.
Will I repurchase Too Faced's Mascara Melt Off? This is currently at the top of my list to re-buy unless I can find something that is easier to get hold of that does the same job. It really does remove my mascara without a hitch; I'm not pulling at my lashes or rubbing them, my eyes aren't becoming sensitive and my panda eyes have disappeared altogether!
Would I recommend Too Faced's Mascara Melt Off? If like me, you're always betrayed by your mascara and always wake up with panda eyes even though you think all of your mascara has been removed then this is definitely for you. I now won't go anywhere without Melt Off, in fact, it doesn't leave my makeup bag!
Overall score out of 5? A 4. The only thing for me that could make this better would be if it worked quicker, or if I could somehow see what it was doing (weird I know). My eyes can become quite sensitive but I haven't had this issue at all with Melt Off. Also, my lashes are looking so much better since I started using this to remove my mascara!