Beauty | Does Hype Get In the Way of Research?

So back in April, I was talking about how I was slowly falling in love with Urban Decay's highly hyped All Nighter setting spray. But did the fact that it's so highly hyped get in the way of me researching properly and stop me finding the right setting spray for me?
I personally think All Nighter is an okay setting spray; it holds my makeup in place for the majority of the day, and it definitely does hold up on a night out. However it still doesn't help a girl out with her oiliness, and I'll still be having to powder throughout the day to not look like a hot mess.

It was only when I was on the Debenhams website to see how much repurchasing All Nighter would actually set me back; well more so, was it even similar in price as to what I paid in Prague, that I discovered that De-Slick existed. Naturally, I was really interested in seeing the differences between them both and to find out more about this setting spray that no one seemed to be talking about.

Simply put De-Slick is a setting spray specifically designed for oily skin and promises that it "controls oil, deflects surface shine and keeps oily skin looking beautifully matte" ( My makeup does not even attempt to budge throughout the day while I'm wearing De-Slick, and I promise that's not an exaggeration. I still have to blot and powder, but only once and in a day where I've started work at 8 in the morning, I don't find myself having to touch my face till about 4 in the afternoon, and even then it's only my t-zone that needs touching up. The rest of my face is still in tact, and I can finally get through a 12 hour day without looking like a hot, oily mess. Believe me, it took me only one use to fall in love with De-Slick, compared to still never being 100% sold on All Nighter.

So, did the insane amount of hype that surrounding All Nighter stop me from finding the perfect setting spray for my skin type? There is no denying that it did. If you still ask anyone for a setting spray recommendation, All Nighter will always be one of the first that comes up. But still no one ever even mentions that Urban Decay actually has another two setting sprays. It's so easy to get swept away with hype, and it can sometimes cloud your judgement while you're doing research, but if De-Slick has taught me anything its keep going with that research because your face, skin and bank account will thank you for it.