To the boy who lived; Thank you for allowing me to grow up with you. For allowing me to experience this journey with you. For teaching me that it's okay to be yourself, no matter your name, your past, expectations, what anyone thinks of you. For teaching me that the bad days past, the pain only makes you stronger, and it really is how you are not alike that makes you you. I promise you, all is well.
To the brightest witch of her age; Thank you for just being you. For making bushy haired, book reading girls the girl that everybody wanted to be friends with. For finally showing that not the prettiest girl has to be the main character. For teaching me that when times get tough, your best friends really are the family that you chose. For never living up to society's expectations of you, and just being fucking awesome. Also, for making me the biggest rule follower ever because who wants to be expelled?!
To our king; Thank you for being the best friend that anybody could have had. For you igniting my love for gingers, one Ryan definitely thanks you for! For being yourself and rocking those hand me downs. For allowing me to be a part of your incredible family, and making the burrow everybody's home. For having our backs with that Flying Ford Anglia and forever sacrificing yourself time and time again. 
To the woman who always welcomes me home; Thank you for giving me a home that will always welcome, and never judge. A home that no matter happy or sad will be there for me no matter what. A home that never stops giving and allows me to keep discovering every time I come back. For allowing me to cry, laugh and just experience life with you. For finding ways to explain things that I never would be able to otherwise. For making teenage life totally normal in a totally magical way! For giving me, my extended family. For allowing me to find my way back, no matter where I am.

My name is Beka and I'm a Harry Potter addict. Now, Emmie is a beautiful soul and hosted a #potterbloggers chat tonight which I couldn't join due to being on my train home, but here are my answers! I can't claim I've been one for the full twenty years; I was three when The Philosophers Stone was first published, but I must have been around 8 when I first read Harry Potter. I can't lie, I didn't fall in love with the magic till I was around 12 though! I had a huge spider phobia, and The Chamber of Secrets definitely was not for me the first time round (1). I'd love to be able to claim I'm cool enough to own an owl, but in reality, I've owned both cats and rats. I'd 100% be the person to take a rat to Hogwarts though (2)! I'm a Hufflepuff and proud. The one thing I can shout about is that I managed to get onto Pottermore when it first launched; my email was accepted on one of the first waves and I got sorted into Hufflepuff. This was way back in sixth form, so I've been a Hufflepuff and proud for coming up to six years now? Anyone who knows me will know it's highly appropriate with the common room being down the near kitchens (3)! My favourite character without a doubt will always be Sirius Black or Ronald Weasley, both fill me with love and make me cry like there is no tomorrow...(4) My favourite book has always been The Prisoner of Azkaban. It's where we first meet Sirius, Lupin and believe it or not using the Dementors as an explanation for depression comes in very handy in my career as a mental health nurse. But also this is where Harry grows up, but we also learn the seriousness of what is going on in the background and we catch a glimpse of what is to come (5). I really, really want to believe that the new generation is as hyped about Harry Potter as we are. But let's be honest Harry Potter is definitely a thing of our generation, but some of the new generation is adopting it. I feel the new generation are falling more in love with the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts, which are both beautiful. But will they ever experience the magic how we did? I doubt it (6).