Friday First | Studio 10 Miracle Effect Priming Serum

You all know I'm an oily girl, I need something that is going to make sure that my makeup sticks around all day long. I'll give any primer a go, I have some that I really enjoy but I'm yet to find my holy grail if I'm being honest.

The Miracle Effect Priming Serum from Studio 10 was something that I picked up back in the M&S Advent Calendar and I knew it would be one of the first things I tried. The clue is kind of in the name I suppose, but the Miracle Effect Priming Serum has a lot of promises; so let's have a look. So each ingredient used in Miracle Effect "works together in harmony to stimulate collagen and skin cell production in the event of damage" and these five "anti-inflammatory extracts... provide a soothing effect and reduce puffiness around the eyes, minimising signs of fatigue". Miracle Effect promises to "come with the perfect blend of anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients, plus hydrating and rejuvenating".

As well as all of that Miracle Effect contains "argan oil... to increase skin elasticity... caffeine reduces inflammation and increases microcirculation of the blood to the skin to visibly smooth". So as well as all that, are you ready to run down the list of what else it claims to do? Let's go! Miracle Effect promises to "instantly give skin a boost and reduce wrinkles", "reduce age spots and pigmentation", "improve skin firmness", "improve puffiness and dark circles" and "reduces enlarged pores". Whew, that's everything (!

So I'm not going to cut corners, this shit is like glue and it's incredible. By glue, I mean a fantastic glue that I can easily blend my makeup over without a problem, but a glue that means that my makeup didn't budge an inch throughout the day. Now let's tackle that huge list of claims above! The one I can definitely say I noticed first of all was the enlarged pores. As I've always said when I'm testing out products that are meant to reduce pores, I don't have the biggest pores in the world, but anything that can reduce them will always be welcomed in my life. Naturally, I used this more in my t-zone than anywhere else so my pores looked incredible. Your skin instantly becomes smoother when using this, but I also found that come the end of the day when removing my makeup my skin still felt smoother. I personally don't look out for wrinkles so I can't say if they've improved, but my eyes were less puffy, my skin felt less swollen at the end of the day and my skin just overall felt better. To make this last longer I was using this only in my t-zone and using my regular primer elsewhere because nothing budges when I use this.

Will I continue to use Studio 10s Miracle Effect Priming Serum? I have used up every single drop of this. At one point I was storing this at just the right angle to make sure that I could get every drop I needed. If I still had this, I would still be using this without a doubt.
Will I repurchase Studio 10s Miracle Effect Priming Serum? This is genuinely the best primer I have ever used but I'm not sure if I can justify £68 for it. I think I might treat myself to this just before me and Ryan go to America to really make sure that nothing moves in that heat! But £68 really?
Would I recommend Studio 10s Miracle Effect Priming Serum? If you're someone who is looking for a holy grail primer that truly means that nothing is going to move and you're not really on a budget then this definitely is the one for you! This works perfectly in my t-zone, and believe me this is like glue.
Overall score out of 5? A 4. I keep saying it, but this shit kept everything in place and nothing even attempted to budge. It was lightweight, sunk in easily and didn't irritate my skin or break me out! The price is the only thing that stops this being a 5!