Friday First | Newtons Labs Skincare

Nothing is genuinely more exciting than a brand that you're already quite fond of contacting you and asking you if you'd like to review some of their products. Let me be honest, when I'm travelling in between home and Leeds all the time, skin care needs to be accessible for me; so I just simply borrow whichever face wash Ryan's Mum has in the bathroom... Don't say I'm never honest with you all! So, Newtons Labs just happens to be the brand that more often than not I will reach for when I'm at Ryan's. When the lovely Rhiannon told me that they would be sending me out some samples to try, I really did not expect full sized products to try!

Let's start with the product I'm already most familiar with, the T-Zone Blackhead Fighting Scrub that "deeply cleanses pores and helps clear out spots" by using "natural exfoliants [to] unblock and visibly leave the skin fresh and radiant from day one". All which the magic ingredient "tea tree tackles spots head on". I always follow up with the T-Zone Clear Pore Facial Wash, enriched with tea tree and salicylic acid as it can then "help prevent spots and spot-causing bacteria". The beauty of this was it that as well as cleaning my skin, it also works to "prevent the build-up of dead skin cells", "guard against over dry skin" and "leave great-looking and shine free skin". The next little wonder product I was kindly sent is the T-Zone Skincare Spot Zapping Gel which "rapidly targets, prevents and calms spots and blemishes" as it "combines naturally acne-fighting tea tree and witch hazel with skin-clearing salicylic acid... in just 4 hours!". Now, what really caught my eye was the T-Zone Skincare Charcoal Black Cleansing Wipes. I personally haven't used face wipes for years, but these promise to "effectively cleanse the skin, remove makeup residue instantly and absorb dirt and excess oil", so I have high hopes (!

So let's break all of that down. The Blackhead Fighting Scrub is definitely one of the softer exfoliators I have ever used on my skin! I can definitely feel the exfoliant effect on my skin, but my skin doesn't feel half scrubbed to death and doesn't feel sensitive afterwards either. Despite it being super gentle, I can definitely tell the difference in my skin and those annoying dry skin flakes don't seem as obvious anymore! My skin definitely looks fresher, but does it clear out spots? It helps keep them at bay and keeps them from coming to head; but just like everything else, it doesn't seem to stop those horrible deep ones. But, it does help reduce the swelling. So I naturally follow with the Clear Pore Facial Wash, which doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped and tight, a definite nice touch! I can honestly, hand on heart, say that my skin has not felt dry since I introduced both of these face washes into my daily routine; something that with combination skin can be a nightmare to manage.

So the two products that definitely caught my eye. The Spot Zapping Gel reminds me very much of products that I have tried in the past which have promised to target my spots quickly. The Zapping Gel claims to be invisible, now I personally didn't find this and I personally don't like wearing this kind of products under my makeup. To make this work for me, I use this at night to let it work its magic without being disturbed. This is my wonder product, I can't lie. I can go to bed with the biggest demon on my face, but by morning it is definitely under control and has been reduced visibly... As you can imagine this works wonders for those really deep, but sore spots. The Charcoal Black Cleansing Wipes were something I wondered how I was going to fit into my routine. I don't use face wipes to remove makeup anymore, but I tried using these after I'd removed my makeup with my micellar water. The amount of makeup that is still removed with these is absolutely shocking; it's also so weird seeing all that makeup on a black face wipe. My skin feels great after using the Charcoal wipes, something I definitely wasn't expecting as face wipes usually leave my skin feeling horrendously dry.

So has Newtons Labs replaced all my current skin care? Definitely not, but instead I've fit it in quite nicely. Both of the face washes fit into both my morning and evening routine for cleansing, and the zapping gel and cleansing wipes have slipped into my evening routine so easily I haven't even noticed the extra few minutes!

Will I continue to use Newtons Labs skincare products? Definitely! They have fit into my current skincare routine so easily, I don't even have to think about reaching for them.
Will I repurchase Newtons Labs skincare products? They are so easy to pick up in my local Superdrug I'd be stupid not to. I'm also really looking forward to trying out some of the other products they have in their range.
Would I recommend Newtons Labs skincare products? I personally think that Newtons Labs is a totally underrated brand that not enough people are talking about. They're super affordable, and their products contain all of the magic ingredients that are brilliant for your skin! I'm going to be telling everybody that whether they have an established skin care routine, or are just looking to get into the skincare then this is a brand they need to consider.
Overall score out of 5? A 4. Naturally, it isn't the wonder product that I always dream of and it hasn't completely cured my skin. However, it's come pretty damn close. Clearly the products I'm using for my skin are working some form of almost miracle, and Newtons Labs has definitely had it's part in this!

I was sent these products for free in return for a review. I have not been paid for this post, all opinions remain my own and have not been influenced in any way.