Skin Care | Bio-Oil

So I was really hoping I'd be able to include a bare-faced photo in this to really showcase the difference in my skin from when I first started using Bio-Oil* to now, but my skin confidence still isn't quite there; maybe I'll upload one to my facebook! Everyone who is anyone has heard of Bio-Oil, but then if anyone is like me then you'll also admit that you've never really seen the hype surrounding it, and the price tag definitely put you off. Especially when you're questioning if it's really that essential to you life?

It's very well known that Bio-Oil is meant to be the wonder product if you have scars or stretch marks that you'd like to improve the look of. I do have stretch marks, however, I've had them for so long I really don't care about them anymore and currently, I'm quite comfortable with them so I didn't use my Bio-Oil to help improve the look of these. What I do have however is very acne scarred skin; I can genuinely remember going to the doctor when I was around 12/13 for one issue and the doctor commenting on my acne scars. Now, I have tried everything I can think of to help with my acne scars and my skin tone. Bio-Oil recommend using it on scars or uneven skin tones twice daily, however for my face this is just too much and I've found the best way for me to make Bio-Oil work for me is to use just around 4 drops after I've cleansed my face before I go to bed to allow it to really sink in overnight.

Oil cleansing is the latest thing lately, and if like me you're constantly stalking the skincare pages over on Reddit you'll know how oil cleansing is meant to be absolutely incredible and the best thing ever. I can't say oil cleansing works wonders for me, although I do use my Bio-Oil just after I've used my cleansing butter to remove all my makeup to add some moisture back into my skin and replace anything that might have been stripped away. I did try to use this after every time I washed my face or showered, however, the one day that I used my Bio-Oil in the morning before I applied my makeup I hated how my makeup felt and looked that day. So oil just doesn't suit my face in the morning.

I've also started using my Bio-Oil to clean my Real Techniques makeup sponge; I've always cleaned my sponge with a form of oil and a cleanser, so one day I just tried Bio-Oil. Amazingly, my sponge actually didn't feel like it dried out as much as it has done in the past while using another kind of oil and the makeup really was pulled from my sponge.

So although I might not be using my Bio-Oil in the traditional ways, I've found ways to make it work for me in my everyday skin routine and daily life!

*I was sent this product for free in return for a review. I have not been paid for this post, all opinions remain my own and have not been influenced in any way.