Friday First | w7 Absolute Lashes

Oh look, Beka is reviewing another w7 product. Honestly, it's all Amazon's fault that I try as many w7 products as I do, I promise! Anyway, this week I'm reviewing the Absolute Lashes from them, which is clearly a dupe for the They're Real mascara from Benefit; literally in every way possible from the packaging to the brush. Absolute Lashes is described as "a black mascara with a soft spiked brush" that claims to "boosts volume, length and add extra curl to give you brilliant bold lashes". Now, I've somehow forgotten to take a photo of the brush but it's basically the same design at the brush on the They're Real mascara. With this brush, Absolute Lashes claims that "each spoke separates and therefore emphasises each lash to give a dramatic curl" (

I'm absolutely in love with this mascara, and I'm reaching for it on a daily basis! It really does give you volume and even length, which can be quite difficult to find in a mascara, especially when I don't curl my lashes on a daily basis. When I do curl my lashes when using Absolute Lashes the whole look just becomes even more intense. The brush does allow me to reach as many lashes as possible, meaning that none are missed and therefore my lashes look even. I always apply 2-3 coats of mascara, I always have and I always will. For me, it isn't about adding coats, but more about making sure my lashes look just right which usually means applying another coat or two to do this. Now, my only complaint about Absolute Lashes is that is can be a complete nightmare to apply; and the more coats you're wearing the more of a battle you have on your hands. I remove all of my makeup with a cleansing butter which usually breaks down all of my makeup without a problem, but when it comes to Absolute Lashes I really have to work my cleansing butter into my lashes to remove every trace possible. Sometimes this isn't always enough and I then have to go in with an oil to really oil cleanse my lashes, all while praying that I'm not pulling any out!

Will I continue to use w7's Absolute Lashes? I'm currently using it on a daily basis, and the only time I reach for my trusty Boots mascara instead is those days after I've struggled to get it off and I need to give my lashes and my eyes a rest.
Will I repurchase w7's Absolute Lashes? Definitely. w7 have it on their website for £6.95 but I picked it up on Amazon for as little as £1.98! I love the look that it gives to my lashes and it isn't difficult to use. My lashes don't feel heavy while I'm wearing this, it doesn't smudge and it definitely doesn't crumble away.
Would I recommend w7's Absolute Lashes? Highly! If you're looking for a mascara to give you volumized and lengthened lashes then really do give this one a go. For such a small price you'll be able to very quickly work out if the mascara is for you or not.
Overall score out of 5? A 4. I love how it easily gives my lashes volume and length, and even more so when they've been curled. I love how it lasts all day long without smudging or budging. Although, the one thing I don't love is that if I put too much on my eyelashes will clump and I have no way of fixing it!