Friday First | Pantene Foam Conditioner

As soon as I saw the advert for these on TV I knew I had to get my hands on these and give them a go. 'A foam conditioner? Just how on earth does that work? Is it just another gimmick?' I grabbed two while I was shopping on Sunday; I grabbed the Repair & Protect and the Smooth & Sleek foam conditioners to try two things I really want for my hair. Being a girl with long hair I tend not to condition higher up from my ears to avoid greasy roots; I style my hair with heat on nearly a daily basis and I have bleach in my hair that means that my fringe and the top half of my hair run the risk of being damaged and dry. Both the conditioners are designed for fine hair, but I see them both as the perfect chance to fully condition my hair. Pantene's foam conditioners both work as "the air-light foamy texture is absorbed deep into the hair and moisturizes it from the inside out... Without leaving unwanted residue on the outside that could weigh down fine hair". Repair & Protect is also designed for damaged hair and "helps restore hair's strength against styling damage". Pantene also claim that the Repair & Protect foam conditioner should also leave "hair easy to detangle, silky soft and free-flowing" as it gives "hair all the nourishment and conditioning it needs, without weighing it down" (Repair & Protect). Having long hair seems to be a little bit of a curse; it tangles like there is no tomorrow, it seems to get greasy quicker than I remember and new hairs and flyaways seem horrendously noticeable. Smooth & Sleek again gives "hair all the conditioning it needs, without weighing it down" and leaves hair "easy to detangle, visibly healthy and full of volume" (Smooth & Sleek).

I'm always very nervous when it comes to trying new hair products, especially when I have to put something near my roots. I jumped straight in at the deep end; I smothered this good stuff all over my hair, from root to tip and let it sink it. Both have the typical Pantene smell, a smell I'm pretty sure I'll be able to recognise no matter where I am in live. The foam conditioners take no time to sink into my hair, to allow a little bit extra time I was my face while they're sinking in and then I rinse them out. The beauty of them sinking in quickly is that they also rinse out really quickly, which is really nice touch with these products. So did my hair feel any better after using both of these? Definitely, I noticed the difference straight away. Both of these made my hair super easy to brush through, there were no tangles and my hair just felt better.

Will I continue to use the Pantene Foam Conditioners? Definitely! I love how they've cut down the amount of time I have to spend on my hair in the shower and I love how much better my hair instantly feels. Annoyingly I can't comment on how my hair looks as each time I've used these I've had to throw my hair up each day for work.
Will I repurchase the Pantene Foam Conditioners? I think I will. I think that £4 could be judged as being a little bit expensive for conditioners, depending on your budget of course. Although I really enjoy the way my hair feels and how I'm able to manage my hair after using these, so these will definitely be a repurchase.
Would I recommend the Pantene Foam Conditioners? Definitely. I personally thought these would just be a gimmick, but I have definitely been proven wrong. If like me you have long hair you need a way to really condition your hair well then this is a product that you should definitely be considering. If you have fine hair and you find that products stay in your hair too easily then this is definitely something you should try!
Overall score out of 5? A really high 4. My hair was incredibly easy to manage after washing my hair, and felt really smooth. To say I applied conditioner directly to my roots, you'd never know!