Beauty | Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

So I totally couldn't resist with the backdrop for this one! Okay, so I'm aware I can pick up Urban Decay quite easily from Debenhams in the UK but as soon as I stepped off the metro in Prague the first thing I saw was a Sephora. Now, I had a lot more spending money left at the end of our trip and come on, what kind of makeup lover isn't desperate for a Sephora bag? I picked up a few bits from Sephora, but the first thing that I picked up was the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray; a product that I've only ever heard of as a holy grail product and one I've definitely lusted over for years.

I wear a setting spray on a daily basis; it actually took me years to start using a setting spray, but now if I don't use mine I feel like I've skipped a whole step of my makeup routine. Being an oily girl I need a setting spray that will hold my makeup all day long without letting me down, which also means I've tried many, many setting sprays.

So I'm currently using All Nighter on a daily basis, but... It definitely took me a few times to start loving this and understanding the hype. So Urban Decay tells you that the best way to apply All Nighter is to mist it over your face in an X and a T shape, which just didn't work for me and left me with huge parts of my face untouched. Instead, I just mist this over my face in almost a circle type fashion, which leaves my face leaving totally secure for the day. I'm yet to try and use All Nighter to create a more intense look with my eyeshadows, but I'll be giving that a go soon.

All Nighter definitely took me a while to fall in love with, and I really do enjoy how it sits on my face and how it holds my makeup in place. Will I be picking it back up for £23.50? I'm currently not sure, I really do like this setting spray but I think I need to see how long it lasts me before I have to make the choice between All Nighter and one I can pick up from Boots...