Holiday Diaries | Prague Edition

Prague, hello it's me again. I know I've literally just left you but we really need to talk. First of all, I think this may possibly be the photo heaviest Holiday Diaries since I began these!

So Prague, where do I even begin. You've given me enough memories to last me a lifetime, which even though we were only together for four days, I'm very grateful for these. You have some of the most beautiful views I have ever witnessed in my life, but you also have some of the strangest architecture that I just don't understand; I'm sorry. You have some of the best street food as well, and I know you're going to hate me for this, but trdelníks are really tasty!

You are insanely hilly, seriously no one warns you about that. We did all the walking on Monday and walked all the way up the Petrín Hill and the lookup tower! Seriously, come Tuesday I felt like I'd done a thousand leg days, and as I write this to you on Saturday I still don't quite think my legs have recovered fully. You're a lot busier and bigger than I ever expected, and you gave me and Ryan some of the strangest experiences of our lives; some I think we'll be laughing about for years to come.

You're a stunning place Prague and thank you for letting me experience you in your beauty, even if the weather wasn't all that great some days. I'm currently telling everyone who hasn't been to Prague that they need to visit!