Friday First Revisited | No7 Shimmer Dust Gift Box

We're rewinding it back to 2015 once again, and this time we're looking back on the No7 Shimmer Dust Gift Box! As you can see; my mum and I don't religiously use exactly the same products but we use similar bits.

The first thing I spoke about way back when was the famous No7 Lash Impact Mascara. Now I personally don't currently use a No7 mascara, but my Mum is slightly religious about her No7 mascaras and really does go out of her way to make sure she has at least one in her makeup bag. Now, she's not currently using Lash Impact, instead, she's currently using Extreme Length. Now back in 2015 I was a struggling student, which completely justifies my "not sure if I'm a fan of the normal price tag of £13.50" issue. I do remember really loving the brush that the Lash Impact uses compared to the stiff, plastic brush used in Extreme Length. No7's Extreme Length promises that it "extends each lash for maximum length and eye-opening definition" and my Mum says that it does do just that, hence the repurchasing. So I was then talking about the Youthful Eye Serum, something that I wasn't able to review properly due to you being "meant to see results in 4 weeks". Now, back then I didn't see "any instant results but my eye area does seem softer and smoother". Now, skincare is something that I have definitely started putting a lot more effort into. Although, things like eye creams I totally skip and with all the will in the world I struggle to fit them into my routine. Again, my Mum uses this on a daily basis and repurchases the Youthful Eye Serum quite a few times a year absolutely swearing by it.

Let's stick with the eyes and talk about the Stay Perfect Eyeshadow is actually something I continue to use myself and I still use the exact product from way back! I still use this in exactly the same way as I did; "I can make work in my crease to add some depth when I wear my winged liner" which is exactly what I do most days when wearing my liner. The claims that it "blends effortlessly and lasts for hours" does exactly that, the fact that I barely have to blend out this shadow makes my mornings easier and it really does last all day long. A product you'll never catch me reviewing, or rereviewing in the future, are lipglosses. I don't wear lipgloss, they're far too sticky and I personally find that you can't gain enough colour payoff from them. Two years ago I was thinking that I would "pass this one onto my Mum", which is exactly what I did cause when my Mum goes for colour on the lips she'll always reach for a lipgloss and even apply lipgloss on top of her lipsticks. "It didn't apply easily, it wasn't sticky but it didn't slide on"... Kind of the understatement of the century right there. I didn't give it a big enough chance, but my Mum stated that it was one of the stickiest lipglosses that she's ever used and she didn't even mention any of the "vitamins that protect and care for the lips".

Two years later, would my Mum or I reuse any of the No7 Products? The only product that I personally still use is the Stay Perfect Eyeshadow and I reach for it pretty much everytime I wear winged liner. My Mum still religiously uses the Youthful Eye Serum, and occasionally still uses the No7 mascaras. 
Two years later, would my Mum or I repurchase any of the No7 Products? As much as I enjoy the colour from the Stay Perfect Eyeshadow, I don't think that justifies repurchasing a whole eyeshadow trio for one shade; I'm pretty sure I'll find a colour very similar in an individual shade. Mum repurchases the Youthful Eye Serum throughout the year and often picks it up when there is a No7 offer on. Mum also occasionally picks up the mascaras; she goes back and forth between brands but with her having incredibly sensitive eyes she always ends up going back to No7.
Two years later, would my Mum or I recommend any of the No7 Products? I'd highly recommend the No7 Eyeshadows, they blend incredibly easily and they do last all day long. They're also incredibly pigmented, especially for how easily they blend. Mum would recommend the Youthful Eye Serum if you're religious about skincare, she states it really helps her eyes! We'd also both recommend the Lash Impact Mascara, I'd say especially if like me you like mascaras with big, fluffy brushes. 
Overall score out of 5? I'd give No7 a 3. It isn't a brand I go out of my way to purchase bits from, I don't really keep up to date with new releases from No7 either. However, like I've said numerous times, my Mum really does swear by their skincare pieces... As well as the Youthful Eye Serum she also picks up loads of other pieces that she loves.