Friday First Revisited | The Body Shop Picks

So you lovely people spoke and I am delivering! Okay, so totally a week late but I needed a few days to myself after a stupidly long and stressful week. You all know how much I love my Body Shop products now, however way back in February 2015 I was only just starting to dip my toes into the ridiculously huge and beautiful world of Body Shop.

So let's start with White Musk Libertine; this is genuinely my favourite ever perfume but it's now discontinued, and I genuinely have 3 bottles stacked up in my bedroom which I use very sparsely to make it last as long as possible! So way back when what was I thinking? "...with notes of grapefruit blossom, Turkish delight and baby orchid... the floral and sweet tones definitely come through". White Musk will always be a staple scent in my life, and memories, but sweet scents are definitely what I go for more. Like I said, White Musk Libertine is now discontinued but what would The Body Shop be without their staple White Musk?

Now let's be honest, if you know me then you won't be surprised that I picked out the Vanilla Brûlée Body and Room Spray. Way back when as much as I loved the scent I was convinced that I'd be using it more "as a room spray"; well this turned out to be a huge lie as I ended up using this as a body spray on those days when I didn't want to wear perfume. Vanilla Brûlée was a limited scent just for Christmas, but The Body Shop still have a huge range of body mists and I still have so many of them. I use them most days, still on those days where I don't want to wear perfume; the scents last all day long, of course, I top them up but when I don't always have them on me they still last and smell great!

Ever bought a product and instantly regretted it? Well, that was definitely me and the Chocomania Body Scrub... I loved the chocolate scent, it made my shower smell beautiful and it definitely did linger. However, it was just too wet for a body scrub, the minute I applied it to my skin the scrub element just disappeared and two years ago I was thinking the same; "I can't say I find it as exfoliating as other scrubs I've used." I didn't give up with The Body Shop scrubs, I've tried plenty and I'm currently loving the Vanilla Chai scrub from last years Christmas range. Honestly, the scrubs have definitely improved they're a lot more coarse and really give my skin that silky smooth feeling after using them. Keeping with the chocolate theme, I also picked up the Chocomania Body Butter. Just like any other body butter from The Body Shop "the body butter [was] almost solid" but I decided I wouldn't pick up anything similar as I couldn't "really find that much difference between... any other cocoa butter moisturisers". Again, I didn't give up with body butter from The Body Shop, and I'm absolutely still loving my Pinita Colada body butter.

Two years later, would I reuse any of my picks from The Body Shop? As I've already said I've stockpiled my White Musk Libertine with it now being discontinued and only reach for it on those very special occasions. I'm forever buying the body mists and I've tried so many different scents. I still use the body scrubs and body butter, but I'm now very picky with my scents. 
Two years later, would I repurchase any of my picks from The Body ShopI always pick up new body mists if I see any scents that I enjoy; I always pick up something floral and always the vanilla. I don't pick up any more body butter because I have enough to last a lifetime, but I will always pick up body scrubs because I get through them so quickly... And I'm always very partial to a special edition scent.
Two years later, would I recommend any of my picks from The Body Shop? Everyone knows my love for anything from The Body Shop, and I always shout about what I love from there. I would highly recommend their perfumes and body mists!
Overall score out of 5? Definitely a 4. It keeps my makeup in place all day long, but it isn't strong enough to combat the oily mess I become. I'm able to top my powder up comfortably throughout the day without looking cakey, and it holds nearly everything in place!