Friday First | Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand Cream

You all know my love of a good hand cream, and Neal's Yard is a brand I've been wanting to try for such a long time. So imagine my excitement when I received a very generous sized Bee Lovely Hand Cream back in the Mark and Spencer's advent calendar. Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand Cream is not only aptly named, with an adorable name I might add, it also "nourishes the skin and lifts the spirits", and being infused "with energising Orange Essential Oil" what isn't to love? Naturally, with such a name all about bees, the hand cream is also "blended with moisturising organic honey". We all know how good both honey and essential oils are for your skin, so it's no surprise that the Bee Lovely Hand Cream "nourishes, softens and protects hands". Also as a little bonus, everytime someone buys a tube of this hand cream it "helps raise money for projects that help to save our precious bees" (

Personally, I need a hand cream that sinks in quickly, even on those days where I'm at home and not really doing much I can't stand hand creams that sit on the skin for ages and leave your hands feeling greasy meaning you can't then do anything else. The Bee Lovely Hand Cream sinks in pretty quickly, although my hands were left feeling a little greasy meaning that I couldn't do a lot after putting this on. You also might need to be a fan of orange scent when using this, because believe me that orange scent packed a punch. I felt like I'd literally been punched in the face the scent was that overpowering. Now, this doesn't stop me using it, it just means that it isn't a hand cream that I throw into my bag to use while I'm out and about. My hands do feel lovely after I've used this, they definitely feel like they've had some love and nourishment put back in.

Will I continue to use the Bee Lovely Hand Cream? I don't find myself reaching for this on a daily basis due to the overpowering scent and the greasy feeling I'm left with, however what I plan to start doing is using it at night when I'm in bed and layer this on nice and thick under my cotton gloves to let it really sink in and work overnight.
Will I repurchase the Bee Lovely Hand Cream? I don't think I will, despite it being such a nicely named hand cream that helps out the bees, I have a lot more hand creams that I reach for on a daily basis and for a lot cheaper.
Would I recommend the Bee Lovely Hand Cream? If orange is a scent that you love and can deal with on a daily basis, or can simply overlook then this will be a hand cream for you. Again, if you don't mind a hand cream that leaves your hands feeling slightly greasy before leaving them feeling super soft then this is for you.
Overall score out of 5? A 3. I love how my hands ultimately feel after using this, the honey and essential orange oil really do get to work at making a miracle happen. Although I'm not that keen on my hands feeling greasy initially or the overpowering orange scent, which for me is a totally personal preference.