Holiday Diaries | Dublin Edition

I've come to the conclusion that these holiday diaries are going to carry on being insanely photo heavy, but what better way to capture all those memories. Just like every other holiday, I feel like we just did and saw so much that we just genuinely can't capture everything.

Just like Edinburgh, Dublin is genuinely one of the wettest places I've ever visited. We were there for 3 days and for the first two it rained so much that when we popped back to the hotel to freshen up in between I was having to dry out my trainers and socks.. Will I ever pack sensible footwear? Maybe one day. So obviously it's Dublin so we had to visit the Guinness Storehouse; because two people who both despise Guinness visiting the Storehouse makes perfect sense right? We had time to one day kill so naturally we went to the National Leprechaun Museum where I got to show people how I feel in most chairs. We also discovered the best burger joint I have ever visited in my entire life; Pitt Bros BBQ, I mean oh sweet baby Jesus! Naturally being in Dublin we had to explore Temple Bar, the top thing to do in Dublin obviously. We didn't go out drinking, it's not really our thing, but we did walk around it one night and it's so bloody photogenic it's unreal. If you've met me then you'll know that visiting a zoo is a must anywhere I go, and to everyone who told me that Dublin Zoo is one of the best zoos I'll ever visit you were not wrong. We were then left with a choice between Kilmainham Gaol or St Michan's Crypt; I desperately wanted to do both but we didn't have time to fit both in so we chose Kilmainham Gaol which was so history rich it was moving.

So Dublin in one word? Wet. Was it beautiful? Absolutely. Would I go back? In a heartbeat.