Friday First | w7 The Fixer

Once again, it's another product that just happened to fall into my basket to make my total up to £20 thanks to the new Amazon 'add-on' items!

It's another w7 product, and if you haven't worked out by now I quite like w7 as a brand. I think for a budget brand they make some pretty amazing products. Now, the last time I tried out a budget-friendly setting spray I didn't like it and was insanely disappointed so I'm hoping that w7 doesn't let me down. w7's The Fixer is a "fine spray to be applied to face once make-up has been applied" and "helps prevent smudging and sets make-up in place" ( Let's cut to the chase, it does just that.

I'm a girl who works 12-hour shifts, and I also have a really oily t-zone so I need something that means my makeup isn't going to shift. For me the winning combination is usually a good primer and a good setting spray; I'm taking no chances when it comes to makeup sliding off my face. The fact it's a fine spray means that it doesn't make my face feel overly wet, even if I spray it a little too close to my face! It also dries down completely invisible, which is nice cause I'm not left with those little telltale spots on my foundation. At the end of a 12-hour shift my makeup is still definitely in place, and despite me topping up my powder throughout the day I don't look cakey and I'm not left with makeup halfway down my face or mascara on my eyebrow bone. The only thing that could definitely split people with this setting spray is the scent, and before you ask I can't for the life of me put my finger on the scent. Some days it smells like baby powder, and others it smells like something completely different.... I really can't describe the scent.

Will I continue to use w7's The Fixer? It's the setting spray I've been using on a daily basis since trying it out for this review.
Will I repurchase w7's The FixerI definitely will. I have a few others on my list that I'm wanting to try out but this will definitely be a repurchase. It's also going to be a really quick repurchase as well as for some annoying reason it only comes in 18ml bottles!
Would I recommend w7's The FixerIf you're after a setting spray that won't break the bank but will also keep you in place all day then this is definitely what you're looking for. The scent is something you'd have to decide for yourselves, but it does disappear pretty quickly.
Overall score out of 5? Definitely a 4. It keeps my makeup in place all day long, but it isn't strong enough to combat the oily mess I become. I'm able to top my powder up comfortably throughout the day without looking cakey, and it holds nearly everything in place!