Friday First | w7 Candy Floss

What happens when Amazon introduce a new 'add-on' system where you have to buy £20 worth of stuff before they'll send it out to you? Beka ends up buying makeup she's never tried before, that's what. If you know me at all then you'll know that anything remotely related to candy floss will grab my attention. On Amazon, Candy Floss was described as a brightening face powder, which I was interested in see how it worked so it just accidentally fell in my basket...

The box design is a very familiar design to us all that have any interest in makeup, but actually, it's very nice when it comes to catching fall out and not leaving you covered in that blusher dust. On Amazon Candy Floss was described as a brightening face powder that was too light to be worn as a blusher, but w7 themselves describe it as "a light pink blusher in a box, portable and pretty" ( If I'm honest then yes Candy Floss is a super light pink blusher but on me, it worked perfectly, but I am ghostly pale. With just one light dusting of Candy Floss, it could definitely be used as a brightening face powder, almost in the place of a highlight? But for me, I built it up with two layers to be a very natural looking blusher. It's a super blendable and buildable blusher that looks incredibly pretty and natural. There is no glitter overload, it doesn't emphasise my pores and it lasted all day long looking as fresh as when I applied it! I personally don't use the brush that is included, but I always put it back in the box for a little extra protection for the powder.

Will I continue to use w7's Candy Floss? Oh definitely. It's going to be a blusher that I'm reaching for on a daily basis to add colour to my face. It's going to be one of those blushers that easily fits in with whatever makeup look I'm wearing.
Will I repurchase w7's Candy Floss? How could I not? It's such a natural blush that I'll be needing more in my life. From w7 itself it's £5.95, but on Amazon, I picked it up for £3.90, but I have found it for £3.66.
Would I recommend w7's Candy Floss? If you're a fellow pale ghost like myself then this is definitely a blusher that won't wash you out but will look perfectly natural. It's totally buildable, and you can definitely make a natural fresh look.
Overall score out of 5? Definitely a 4, but I'm so close to giving this a 5. The only thing stopping me giving it a 5 is that I'm not sure how well the packaging survives. I'm travelling soon so I'll let you know how the packaging holds up!