Friday First Revisited | Gone Girl

I'm so excited to finally be writing and introducing my Friday First Revisited series to Little World of Beka! Deep down when I put up the options for people to choose from I just knew that Gone Girl would be what people picked; typically the one film I thought I'd never end up rewatching. Anyway, I never back down from something and if you want me to revisit Gone Girl and my original thoughts then here we go!

So what did I initially think of Gone Girl all the way back in 2015? "The problem is with Gone Girl is that you can't really discuss it without giving away the plot completely", I still 100% stand by this. Gone Girl is that type of film that unless someone has already seen it then you can't go into detail. It's not a bad thing for me when someone tells me that they can't talk about a film without spoiling it then it definitely makes me want to watch it so I can then discuss it! Gone Girl is one of those films that I still here people talking about and recommending if people ask for a good mystery film. Back in 2015 Gone Girl "left me genuinely confused" and even now, even so after rewatching it, I still tell people that it genuinely hurt my head with how confused.

Shoot me, I still haven't read Gone Girl... I just don't think I'm a massive mystery and thriller lover books. I have rewatched Gone Girl and I purposely watched it with a different pair of eyes. Watching it two years later I appreciated the story line a hell of a lot more, and I think it's an incredibly clever storyline. If I'm honest, certain aspects of the storyline still confuse me to high heavens and I can't help but think 'how did she do that?!' I'm still not entirely sure who is the good guy, the bad guy or if they even exist in this film. But I can definitely say that I enjoyed it more the second time round.

Two years later, would I recommend Gone Girl? "I would, I think it's a film that you definitely need to see at least one" I still stand by this, I think that Gone Girl is definitely a film that everyone needs to see at least once. If mysteries are your thing then you definitely should give Gone Girl a watch.
Two years later, would I re-watch Gone Girl? "I'm not sure, it definitely won't be a film I reach for straight away" So I obviously rewatched Gone Girl for Friday First Revisited, and truthfully I'm still not sure if it's a film I'd reach for on a daily basis.
Overall score out of 5? "I'd give it a 3, I think there is a lot more to be gained from the book and I was left confused. I don't like thinking too much during a film, I like easy viewing but that is just me" Okay so I was a bit harsh, I think Gone Girl at least deserves a 4. The story line is very clever and it still has me thinking and confused if I'm honest.