Friday First | Maybelline SuperStay 24H Setting Spray

You know that horror when you run out of one of your favourite products and you suddenly have to find something to replace it with, well that's what we're working with today. I finally got to the end of my Avon setting spray, which seems to have lasted me a lifetime but I suddenly realised I had no setting spray to replace it with. So after a very quick Amazon search, I ended up grabbing the Maybelline SuperStay 24H Setting Spray.

I've never tried anything from the SuperStay line by Maybelline, but I do like Maybelline as a brand and I've never really had a bad experience with them. Maybelline describes their SuperStay 24H Setting Spray as "makeup locking-spray that extends both wear and freshens for a flawless look that lasts as if just applied". To achieve the flawless look the setting spray "features micro-fine liquid mist for no heaviness and cakiness". SuperStay is just like any other setting spray in the fact that you're told to hold it at least "10cm away" from your face, "spraying in a clockwise direction" ( SuperStay, however, does need shaking up like there is no tomorrow before you use it, so much to the point that it literally sounds like a can of spraypaint while shaking it up.

What do I think to the SuperStay 24H Setting Spray? Well, it's not my favourite; but hear me out. The "micro-fine liquid" actually makes it very easy to use far too much and then your face is just wet and you can see where the setting spray is sitting. It also took me a few times of using this to remember to shake this up before. I personally wouldn't say that this helped my makeup to last, in fact, I think my makeup lasted longer with and looked better at the end of a 12-hour shift with my Avon setting spray.

So I'm a little bit disappointed with this setting spray. Maybe I had higher hopes for it being a Maybelline product, or maybe I just loved my Avon setting spray too much. I'm not giving up on this setting spray, though, there has to be a way for me to make this work while it makes my makeup actually stay on my face.

Will I continue to use the SuperStay Setting Spray? I'm determined to make this setting spray work for me, so yes I'm definitely going to continue to use it.
Will I repurchase the SuperStay Setting Spray? At the moment I won't be, which is a shame because it's such an easy setting spray to get my hands on. Although if I can get this to work for me then my answer might change.
Would I recommend the SuperStay Setting Spray? Again at the minute I wouldn't, but that could change if I can get it to work. It's mainly due to the fact that this can make your face incredibly wet and you can actually see the setting spray on your face. Let's be honest, that is never an attractive look.
Overall score out of 5? Currently a 2. I'm super disappointed as Maybelline have always been a brand that has never let me down, but boy did they miss the mark with this one. For a line that is called SuperStay, this didn't work at all. I always test makeup products when I'm at work for a straight 12 hours, so there is no running and hiding and god did my makeup look patchy and faded by the end of the day. I also shouldn't have to work with a product to ensure my face doesn't look wet.

Have you tried the SuperStay setting spray? What setting sprays do you use and love? Let me know!