Beauty | Ciate Mini Mani Month

So today I was going to be writing a blog post on what will be coming up on Little World of Beka in 2017, but if I'm honest not much is changing. In an attempt to make myself take more photos and create more memories I'm hoping to turn the monthly letters into a photo share, once a month I'll be revisiting an old Friday First and that's really about all that's changing!

Last year I didn't purposely go out seeking deals however, I did manage to pick up some incredible deals and let me share with you the best deal I managed to snag. Last year was the year I finally stepped into the world of beauty advent calendars but honestly, the Ciaté London Mini Mani Month has been on my wishlist for years! Now the whole calendar retails for £50 at full price however I managed to pick this up for just £12 in my local TKMaxx! The Ciaté London Mini Mani Month was made up of 24 boxes, all of which contained some of the most beautiful colours I have ever seen in my life. My only complaint is that not all of the shades included are available to buy, but I have linked the ones that are!

Day One kicked off with Goal Digger; a shimmering rose-bronze shimmer. Day Two gave us Boudoir; a sassy flirtatious red to match its name. Day Three was Seas the Day; a tropical ocean blue. Day Four gave us one of my favourite named nail polishes Iced Frappe; described as a luxurious creamy nude. Day Five was the Gelology Top Coat and Day Six was Lucky 7; a pinky coral that every girl needs in her life.

Day Seven was All That Jazz; a nail topper packed full of glitter. Day Eight was Pool Party; a vibrant cobalt blue. Day Nine was Status Growth; a daily treatment for your nails which is packed full with multivitamin Keratin activitor which boosts growth and strengthens your nails. Day Ten was Risky Business; a colour switching glitter with blue sequins. Day Eleven gave us La Dolce Vita; a luxurious emerald green. Day Twelve treated us to Fortune Teller; a sparking stunning icy silver glitter.

Day Thirteen was Ibiza Blues; a soft violet. Day Fourteen was Pretty in Putty; a putty grey that would be the perfect base colour. Day Fifteen gave us a limited edition rose gold nail file. Day Sixteen was Chain Reaction; a shimmering violet. Day Seventeen was Starry Night; another nail topper in a sparkling midnight blue shade. Day Eighteen was Raising the Barre; a beautiful deep crimson red.

Day Nineteen gave us a Nail Saviour; a nail treatment that keeps your nail healthy, hydrated and strong. Day Twenty gave us the stunning Antique Broach; a rose gold glitter shade with pink flecks. Day Twenty One is the cutely named Cupcake Queen; a bright pink shade with an underlying blue shimmer. Day Twenty Two gave us a Raincheck; a deep blue, purple shade. Day Twenty Three was Plies Please Me; a metallic silver. Day Twenty Four gave us the aptly named Meet me At Midnight; a rose gold glitter with purples, pinks and blues running through.