Life | What I Gave For Christmas 2016

So this year I thought I'd show you what I gave my family for Christmas! Now you know how much I love a good what I got for Christmas post, but I thought I'd mix it up a little this year and show you what I gave my loved ones.

So let's start with my Dad. My Dad was incredibly awkward this year and literally the only thing he asked for was an Xbox One Media Remote... While I was in Game I also spotted the pack of the Star Wars Baubles and a pack of Star Wars Ballpoint Pens, and with my Dad being the huge Star Wars fan that he is I knew these would be a safe option. He eventually told me he also wanted the extended version of Suicide Squad, so being the fantastic daughter that I am, I got it for him! Late night shopping is great for those last minute gifts and while in WHSmiths one night I spied both these Star Wars The Complete Visual Dictionary and The Times Ultimate Supercars books. My Dad isn't a huge drinker, but I'm very aware that Guinness is an ultimate favourite of his, so when I spied this little gift set I grabbed it super quickly. What is Christmas without sweets? Now a local sweet shop where I live created personalised hampers which was my original plan, but when I saw the Star Wars hamper I grabbed it without a second thought. Now the Giorgio Armani Miniatures gift set was originally my main present plan, but it still turned out to be a winner!

Now it totally looks like I left my brother out this Christmas, but he's insanely awkward and difficult to buy for; the stress is unreal. The first thing I bought for him was the David Beckham Instinct gift set because let's be honest it's always a winner. I also managed to grab him a sweet hamper which included a heat reactive Pac-Man mug and I also grabbed him a Bourbon tin; it's an inside family joke don't worry. Again Game provided me with one of the best Christmas gifts I've ever given in my life, these super cute Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Baubles and in WHSmiths I grabbed him the Marvel Rise of the Super Heroes.

Naturally my Mum is always one of the easiest people to buy for; in fact that little cat purse that you see I think I bought her way back in October or November? Another gift I picked up super early for her was this One Line A Day Diary from Wilkos! I also had the Magnolia Weekender Bag for her for a while because I know just how much my Mum loves Magnolia from Marks & Spencer. Now my Mum can actually be quite fussy when it comes to chocolate, but the Thorntons Mint Collection is always a safe bet. For as long as I can remember White Musk has always been what my Mum has worn, so I obviously picked up this White Musk Gift Set for her. For years my Mum has been after a Banana Bread candle, so when I found this one from Bloom Candles I had to grab it for her plus some wax pops in the same scent. My Mum always has one of the calendars with 4 columns to make sure she can fit everything on. Chocolate spoons are such a cute little gift so I just had to get my Mum an After Eight one! What's Christmas without smellies? I had this cute little Bayliss & Harding gift set and also this English Dawn Gardenia Shower Gel for just a couple of small presents.

Now Ryan's presents caused me so much stress, it was unreal. I've known for at least a year or two that I've wanted to have the Leeds posters that he's missing made up for him. How difficult can it be to have a poster made? Turns out it's not easy, you need to find out how big a poster typically is and then you need to make sure the quality and the fit of the poster is just right. Reeses are always a safe bet with Ryan, so naturally, I couldn't resist getting him a couple of packs. Ryan is incredibly particular about what guitar picks he uses, like to the extent that he always has to know where they are so naturally I grabbed him some extra ones! For as long as I've known him Diesel Zero Plus has always been his scent, but he's not had it for a while so I treated him to a new bottle. A little bit of a strange present that was totally bought on a whim but I have seriously been after this for a good couple of years. How To Train Your Dragon is one of Ryan's favourite films, but a lot of the Toothless teddies don't look realistic at all but Build A Bear have got him spot on so I couldn't resist!

Everybody seemed to love their presents this year, so I think I did a good job... Either that or people are just being super polite! I will share a few bits that I got for Christmas on my Instagram and naturally in upcoming posts so keep your eyes peeled. But actually sharing what I gave has been a really nice change!