Friday First | Academy of Colour Liquid Lipstick

Okay, it's official I'm addicted to liquid lipsticks. I need an intervention, someone needs to make me stop buying them. How many more can one girl need?! I'd popped into Morrisons to pick up a few bits and pieces and while innocently walking down an aisle to get to the till to pay this little duo caught my eye. Now for £2 I wasn't going to turn down a new liquid lipstick and accompanying lip liner; you all know how much I loved the little duo kit from Primark!

So overall the colour is a beautiful off brown nude colour, not a colour I'd usually go for again but because it's on the darker side of the nudes it's one I'll definitely wear. The lip liner applied beautifully, it was creamy and glided onto my lips like a dream. There was no pulling or uncomfortable feeling when applying it. The liquid lipstick applied really easily, it's pigmented really nicely and it doesn't apply patchy or unevenly. You do need to give this time to dry down though because at first it looks like a lipgloss, but when it does eventually dry down it's not uncomfortable or drying. The staying power isn't fantastic I have to admit. It takes a while for the lipstick to actually dry down to Matte and then when I ate and drank it was completely pulled from the middle of my lips; which is a really attractive look. So you'll definitely be reapplying this one all day long! My one biggest complaint though; the lip liner is a whole shade darker than the liquid lipstick... So you either have to wear them completely separately or you have to colour in your whole lip before applying the lipstick. Honestly, I've never been more annoyed in my life...

Will I continue to use the Academy of Colour Matte Liquid Lipstick? I'll definitely carry on using both the lipstick and the lip liner, although I'm not sure if I'll be using them together as they're such different shades. The lip liner was so easy and comfortable to apply that I can't not use this again.
Would I repurchase the Academy of Colour Matte Liquid Lipstick? For £2 for this little kit, I will definitely be picking up more of these if I ever see them. Okay so they're not fantastic, but for £2 how much can you really complain?
Would I recommend the Academy of Colour Matte Liquid Lipstick? If you're looking to just get into liquid lipsticks then this will definitely be a great product for you, or if like me you're not fantastic at matching lip liners to lipsticks then these kits definitely do help usually! Again for £2 how much can you really complain?
Overall score out of 5? A 3. Okay so the staying power wasn't the best I've ever tried and the colour shade of the lip liner and lipstick were totally wrong but how much can I complain? The lip liner is one of the best lip liners I've ever used and the liquid lipstick applied so easily and it wasn't messy. It didn't feel or smell like a cheap product, but purely for the staying power it's only a 3.

Have you tried the liquid lipsticks from Academy of Colour? Have you ever tried anything from Academy of Colour? Let me know!