Beauty | M&S Beauty Advent Calendar Days 18-25

Merry Christmas! So that's it, we've actually reached the last day of my Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar and I have most definitely been treated by all the goodies. So naturally it's time to run through days 18-25 before you carry on with your Christmas day. So before we jump into it... Have a very Merry Christmas, I hope you have a lovely day no matter how you're spending it and naturally I hope you eat all the food!

Day Eighteen - Rituals, The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream 70ml; 200ml retails for £17
Okay, so Rituals is a brand that I've kind of heard of but I've never tried. I'm a sucker for a really good body cream and this one that contains rice milk and cherry blossom sounds like an absolute dream if I'm honest. I'm excited to try this out and I'll definitely let you know my thoughts on this one!

Day Nineteen - Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm 30ml; 75ml retails for £18
So I've used the Wonder Overnight Recovery from Percy & Reed which I really enjoyed, so I'm quite looking forward to trying the Wonder Balm from them also. I'm interested to see how this will help with my hair styling compared to the previous product I've tried.

Day Twenty - Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream 15ml; 50ml retails for £22
Another brand I've never really heard of, but when you're product has the words absolute and ultimate in the title you have my attention. I don't really have any specific products that I use for my skin at night, so this will be a welcome addition and I'm really looking forward to seeing if it actually makes a difference to my skin.

Day Twenty One - Pür Correcting Primer Prep & Perfect 10ml; 30ml retails for £24
A primer is always welcome in my life as I wear one on a daily basis to help my makeup look as smooth as possible and last as long as possible without needing to be touched up. However, the primer I'm currently using costs me just £3.99 for the same size. So I am very interested to see if a primer for £24 makes any difference to my makeup at all.

Day Twenty Two - Leighton Denny Expert Nails Mini Crystal Nail File; small size retails for £12.50
My nails are incredibly important to me, you might have noticed. I don't cut my nails instead I just file them down, purely because they're so strong cutting them hurts. I can go through nail files like there is no tomorrow because with my nails they ground down so quickly. So I'm super excited to try out a crystal nail file to see if it truly does make a difference to my nails.

Day Twenty Three - Studio 10 Miracle Effect Priming Serum 5ml; 15ml retails for £68
Getting two primers from this calendar is actually quite exciting because I do love a comparison post! I genuinely cannot wait to see how a £68 primer will work and what it does for my skin. Some quick reading about this product tells me that not only does it work as a regular primer but it also works wonders for your skin; I am super excited about this.

Day Twenty Four - Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E Peppermint 4.25g; retails for £3.99
This is actually the lip balm that I am currently using so it was quite nice to receive a second one for backup purposes because I loose lip balms like there is no tomorrow. I use lip balms all the time, I will never not have one on me so I've tested a lot of them. The Burts Bees brand produces some nice lip balms, not necessarily anything I'd shout about.

Day Twenty Five - Shay & Blue Atropa Belladonna Natural Spray Fragrance 10ml; 100ml retails for £55
I love discovering new fragrances, but I'm also a huge creature of habit and I know what I like so I very rarely actually buy a new fragrance. So for me, this is one of the best ways to discover a new fragrance. I've never heard of Shay & Blue or their fragrances, but this one is described as having the notes of berries, narcissus, jasmine and bourbon vanilla which sounds like an absolute dream if you ask me. I'll definitely keep you updated on my thoughts of this fragrance when I start using.