Beauty | Illamasqua Lipstick & Lip Liner

I'm sure you've seen it all over Twitter lately, but TK Maxx have totally stepped up their makeup game recently.. and I mean they have some seriously high-end names in. Let's be honest, when you hear that TK Maxx are now stocking Too Faced and NARS you're basically gonna run to your local TK Maxx to see what they have in; this is exactly what I did. You might have seen on my Snapchat that I managed to pick up these two Illamasqua pieces and a Too Faced eyeliner... A blog post is coming soon, so keep your eye out for it!

With this beautiful combination I now forever have the classic red lip, and every girl needs that in her life! When I paid £4.99 for the lipliner that should have been £16 and £5.99 for the lipstick that should have been £19.50 I was never going to turn these beauties down. Although as you can see in the swatches they don't totally match up, when you have them together on the lip you really can't tell and they really pair up perfectly for that retro look. Maybe with a few nights coming up for the Christmas season I'll be throwing this on into a selfie or two!

The lipliner is beautiful and absolutely glides onto your lips like butter, there is absolutely no pulling on my lips at all and the pigmentation is absolutely insane. Naturally, as I would when creating the classic red lip instead of just lining my lip I use my liner to colour in my entire lip; this way I have a more stable base for my colour. When it came to the lipstick I was actually quite disappointed; I really struggled to actually get it on and I really had to pull it across my lips to get it to apply in the end short strokes was the only way to go. At first, I wondered if it was to do with my whole lip being coloured in, so I tried it again with the just the outer of my lip being lined but the lipstick applied in exactly the same way. Now I'm a girl who had not only new makeup to play with, but high-end makeup to play with so just imagine my disappointed with the lipstick when I've only ever heard good things about Illamasqua.

I haven't been put off for life! I'm going to persevere with the lipstick and see if applying it with a brush makes it any easier to apply. I'm also so in love with the lipliner I genuinely want one in every colour!