Life | Wax Melts

Candles are 100% my thing, if you know me then you'll know just how my collection continues to grow and how I have a really unhealthy habit of buying more candles quicker than I can burn them.

Something that is definitely making my autumn and is definitely going to take me into those Winter nights and days is my Glade Wax Melt Warmer and all my wax melt. I've never been a huge lover of wax melts; I've heard all the horror stories of the wax melts and tealights, and my Mum herself has had a bad experience so I've always stayed well away. This is why the new electric style wax melt warmers are perfect; plug them in, pop on a wax melt and you're good to go!

Naturally I picked up some Glade's own wax melts, but I've also got some of the Air Wick Life Scents, I've got some cheap wax melts I found in home bargains, naturally I have quite a few of Yankee Candle's wax melts and I'm currently loving a wax pop from Bloom Candles!

The perfect thing about wax melts is you don't have to worry too much about leaving them unattended, the warmer looks more like an ornament which is helpful and for some reason they're also just as comforting for an autumn and winter night! Of course there is something super comforting about a flickering candle, but wax melts are currently my new favourite thing.