Life | Lush Halloween & Christmas 2016 Haul

I've genuinely never been so excited to receive an order in my life. I'm a huge Lush fan; naturally like every other girl out there it seems, but I've not been in there for a while because I actually have a huge Lush pile to work my way through. But with this years Halloween collection and the Christmas collection being released, how could I resist?

So this is Halloween, everybody make a scene... Just because Halloween has been and gone doesn't mean I still can't enjoy the Halloween goodness right? Naturally the first thing I had to pick up was the cutest bath bomb I've ever seen; Monsters' Ball, but I prefer to call him Mike... also what is Halloween without a Pumpkin in bath bomb form? Both of these have scents that I absolutely love; lime, vanilla and cinnamon.. I genuinely couldn't ask for anything more at this time of year. I couldn't resist putting a little scare into my night and picking up the cutest little Boo bath melt! I haven't had the heart to use Boo yet, but I can already feel the cocoa butter within melting slightly on my fingers and it just feels so good. Also, what's Halloween without a little crackle.. Well the Lord of Misrule bath bomb will definitely be doing that with all it's popping candy! As well as scents like spicy herbs and black pepper oil, I'm very excited for the popping candy aspect.

I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need... and when I was putting in this whole Lush order I knew that I was definitely going for the big 1kg of Snow Fairy, because seriously what is Christmas without it? Now I don't like Christmas Pudding, but this Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb might just be my saviour this year! I'll never eat a traditional Christmas pudding, but I will melt into this bath bomb while it has the scents of lavender and tonka. What is Christmas without a little Mistletoe? Maybe I'm a little traditionalist at heart... but with the scent of jasmine how could I not be? A classic of favourite of mine at this time of year will always be the Star Dust bath bomb! How can anyone ever expect me to get through Christmas without the scents of vanilla and bergamot? Another classic, because what is Christmas without the Candy Mountain bubble bar, it just goes so well with Snow Fairy naturally! Butterbear is a bath bomb that I will always grab whenever I'm near a Lush store at this time of year; who wouldn't with all his cocoa buttery goodness?