Life | Goodbye November

Dear November,

What a photo heavy month you are! It actually looks like I have a life and I do something with my spare time!

As well as my usual work routine you've clearly been the month of Snapchat filters, in fact I have been incredibly active on Snapchat this month... So sorry if I've irritated you with that this month! You've also been the month of photogenic lunches, Christmas drinks and Christmas cups.. I've been for a few more Christmas drink dates but nothing is quite as photengic as a Starbucks red Christmas cup.

Obviously November you were the month for Fantastic Beasts, so the Potterhead within me got to be out in full swing once more. My rota fell so I could go to the midnight showing so I was down there in all my excitement and then later that day I was dragging myself to town on such little sleep to pick up the screenplay, have you seen a more beautiful book?!

Shopping wise you've been a great month for myself; I managed to treat myself to the Marks & Spencer beauty advent calendar, I finally got my hands on those Primark boots I'd been lusting after and TKMaxx have really stepped up their high end makeup game so how could I resist picking up some pieces?!

I ended the month by going to finally see my boyfriend preform live with his band, which turned into some self confessed girlfriend promotion which then turned into a night out in which I've genuinely never felt so hungover in my life.. Seriously, even nuggets didn't fix this hangover...

So you've been a busy month for me November, thank you for making me look like I finally do something other than work. I've finally started my Christmas shopping as well so I'm now not totally unprepared!

Next time we speak I'll be looking back on the entire year which is a little bit scary, but let's hope December doesn't run away from me.

Beka. xo