Friday First | Sanctuary Spa

Sanctuary Spa is that brand in Boots that I always saw as the luxury brand and I always wanted growing up, but I never actually had anyone in my family that used Sanctuary Spa for me to steal anything from while I was growing up. So just imagine my excitement while on holiday and I just innocently walked into a shop and saw a few Sanctuary Spa products being sold for definitely a lot less than retail price

The first thing I picked up was the Drift Away Bath Float, now called the Calming Luxury Bath Soak just to confuse us all, because when it comes to sleep I'll take all the help I can right now. The main tops three notes of the bath float are ylang ylang, frankincense and patchouli; all of which are known to reduce tension and anxiety, relieve stress, clarify, and calm. It's also enriched with honey and soybean to make sure that as well as being super relaxed your skin also is super moisturised and conditioned.

So in a bath I absolutely adored this; the scent really fills a room, it lingers on your skin afterwards and my skin just felt incredibly soft after using it. Of course I used this in my bath as close to bed as I possibly could and because the scent lingered on my skin I'd quite often catch the scent again when curling up in bed and it really helped me drift off. Now, I don't always want a bath after a really long day at work, or I don't always have time so I've always taken to using this in the shower. When using it in the shower it had exactly the same effect; my skin felt soft and moisturised and the scent really linger so it really did help me relax further in bed.

The second thing that definitely grabbed my eye was the Correct & Protect Hand Cream SPF 12, because you all know how much I love a good hand cream. So this hand cream has apparently been designed to help reduce ageing and protect hands against sun damage, hence the SPF, as well as wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.. All that can age hands apparently, and all of are stuff that I definitely didn't think about. When I first used this hand cream I could not place my finger on the scent until I looked at the ingredients and saw that quite a few citrus oils such as orange peel, grapefruit peel, lemongrass and lemon fruit are all included and give it this really beautiful citrus scent.

A lot of this goes a really long way, you really don't need a lot of this hand cream for your hands to feel incredibly moisturised. My skin has felt a lot softer, but also stronger and I've also noticed my cuticles feeling a lot better and looking a lot better too, which is a huge bonus! I managed to pick this up for £3 while I was on holiday and it retails for £10, so I've just got to work out how much I actually love it!

The last thing I grabbed was the Youth Boosting Body Moisturiser Serum, although after some insane searching I've now discovered you can only pick this up as the Youth Boosting Body Butter.. A slight annoyance, but nothing too major. This serum is meant to be able to plump, firm and restore skin to help it look younger and it's moisture is meant to last for 24 hours. Packed with cocoa and macademia oil this smells incredible! I can't say I've noticed a huge difference to the firmness of my skin, it does feel softer after using it and it smells nice so that's always a bonus.

Will I continue to use my Sanctuary Spa products? I've already ran out of the bath float, so I think that shows just how much I loved it. I use the hand cream on a daily basis because it's just so amazing and I use the serum often because it's nice, but I don't reach for it as much as I should, admittedly.
Would I repurchase my Sanctuary Spa products? If I can find the bath float anywhere then I will be buying that stuff in bulk because oh my god it is just incredible. Like I said I love the hand cream, I just need to work out if I love it enough for £10 a go... But it does seem to be going the distance so it could definitely be worth that price tag. The body serum I don't think I would repurchase; I have enough body moisturisers and products that do a similar thing and give me a similar nice feeling. Plus there are a tonne of Sanctuary Spa products that I now need to work my way through.
Would I recommend my Sanctuary Spa products? Definitely. I keep going on about it but oh that bath float was heaven; I never knew that something like a bubble bath could help me to relax so much and sleep just that little bit better. The hand cream is my favourite thing, I love the scent and how my hands smell.
Overall score out of 5? A 4. Sanctuary Spa is a brand that has taken me years to try and I'm now not sure why, I think I've always viewed it as definitely a grown up brand; and it definitely has that feel. But why have they now had to change one of the products and make it impossible to get my hands on and why does a hand cream have a price tag of £10? Oh the joys of being an adult...

Have you tried any of the products from Sanctuary Spa that I've tried? What are your favourite Sanctuary Spa products? Do you have any Sanctuary Spa recommendations? Let me know!