Friday First | PS... Make Me Matte!

I've been hovering over trying Primark's beauty range for absolutely ages but I could never quite decide what colour lipsticks I wanted to pick up and I just always ended up walking away. However Primark got me in the way they always do; while queuing up to pay for my items I saw this cute little Make Me Matte gift set for £2.50 and I genuinely couldn't resist!

I'd love to be able to write my normal review where I'm able to compare what the product is meant to do and then what it actually did.. Yeah I can't do that; I've literally got no information about the Primark Matte Lipstick or Lip Pencil. I can't even tell you what colour I've even picked up for if I ever wanted to repurchase either of them! Cause that's not annoying in the slightest Primark...

It's a total risk picking up a kit like this cause I could never be 100% sure of the colour and when I applied it I definitely knew it was never a colour I'd normally go for. It was such a paler, pinkier nude than I'd usually go for but the longer I wore it for the more it grew on me. I'd never usually feel the need to use a lipliner with a lip colour this pale but obviously with it being included I gave it a go. I originally planned to use the pencil to colour in my whole lip to give me a solid base, but I found the pencil to pull slightly on my lips and with the lip pencil being the perfect my lips but better shade for me there was no need. The lipstick was incredibly creamy and applied so smoothly. The scent definitely reminded me of a mixture between Revlon lip products and NYX lip products; with that whole vanilla, sweet scent. Application was smooth and colour wasn't patchy, and the colour dried down to being matte pretty quickly without being drying on the lips. In fact this wasn't drying on the lips at all, I forgot I had it on for most of the day.

I purposely wore this the day I knew we'd be going out for lunch so I could put the lipstick fully to the test through eating and drinking. Despite being a matte lipstick this really does transfer, my teacup had the perfect nude lip print on it all day long. It seemed to hold up pretty well during eating, until I got to cake. As usual it wore away from the middle of my lips first, and then it really started to fade from the edges of my lips. With it being such a perfect nude shade it wasn't as obvious and you could easily get away without having to reapply it if you didn't want to.

Will I continue to use the Make Me Matte kit? It's definitely not the colour I'd go for at this time of year normally, but it's nice to have a nude and more subtle option for those days or nights where I don't want a bold, berry or dark lip. I'll definitely get the use out of the lipstick definitely, the lipliner I'm not so sure.
Would I repurchase the Make Me Matte kit? Definitely. Firstly because I literally have no idea what colour I've bought so it's the only way for me to know for sure which colour I'll have. But if Primark can do other colours in these kits that would be great. There also going to make great little stocking fillers!
Would I recommend the Make Me Matte kit? Yes! If like me you're absolutely useless at pairing lipsticks with the right lipliner then this will be your life saviour! Also, Primark's lipsticks are incredibly creamy and soft and really more people should try them.
Overall score out of 5? A 3. I'm incredibly annoyed that Primark couldn't even put a name on the lipstick or lipliner so I can't go and repurchase them when I've used them up. The lipstick is incredible; I love the texture, scent and feel. The wear is pretty decent and the colour is starting to grow on me.

Have you tried any lipsticks from Primark? Have you tried any other makeup from Primark? Are you a fan of lip kits? Let me know!