Life | What I Got For My 23rd Birthday

It's the obligatory what I got for my birthday post! As much as I love reading these posts, I hate writing them cause I always feel like I'm bragging in some strange way. I always feel insanely overwhelmed when it comes to talking about what I got for my birthday; I always feel like I got so much and people didn't need to get me anything.

Naturally I got all the Harry Potter goodies. I received a Harry Potter hamper which contained a mug and all the sweets, I got the illustrated Chamber of Secrets. My best friend got me the most hilarious Harry Potter pun mug, with a Hufflepuff coaster, along with a Hufflepuff bracelet charm and of course I picked out some Harry Potter PJs from Primark.. because what birthday is complete without PJs. My parents have also preordered me the screenplay of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them; so again I'll be standing in Waterstones like an excited fangirl come November..

I was then given the most gorgeous black handbag by my grandparents, as well as already being given my Katie Loxton clutch by Holly. I was also treated to my favourite Liz Earle orange flower body wash because it's just beautiful and my favourite. An Avon nail varnish, eyeliner, perfume and a pina colada lip balm were also included because a girl can never get too much. I was also incredibly spoiled and received a huge Yankee Candle in Olive and Thyme which smells so fresh it's beautiful. I also have paper fans from Tiger that I need to find a home for, and a new notepad and personalised pen which I'm pretty sure I'll get good use out of!

I then received all the chocolate in the world, because just like PJs what's a birthday without chocolate? I received a pair of chocolate heels; because if you can't buy me shoes then buying me chocolate shoes is genuinely the next best thing. My two favourite kinds of chocolate in the world; Ferrero Rocher and Lindt. I also have Oreos, Thornton's and chocolate thins to work through.. I really best get to work.

Whether you bought me something, sent me a card or simply wished me a happy birthday then again thank you so, so much because it really does mean a lot.