Life | September Blogger #BoxOfLame

I've finally treated myself to a #BoxOfLame.. I mean looking at all of the goodies packed into this incredible box how did it take me this long? I purposely went for a bloggers box, which is the most expensive box but oh so worth it. Of course I was going to go for the bloggers box, but I secretly really wanted the bloggers mail pad included because I think it's a great idea and I really want it to make me a better blogger.. Here's hoping!

I actually did a huge unboxing of everything over on my Snapchat when I first received my box, but lets very quickly have a recap of all the beautiful bits that I got in this box that was absolutely full to the brim!

Starting with the main stationary bits within the box! So everything in this section is thatlamecompany exclusive and all so affordable if you fancy treating yourself, just saying... So I've already spoke about how I really wanted the Blogger Mail A4 Notepad to hopefully make me a better blogger, so you know let's see.. If you know me at all then you'll know that procrastinating is something I am terrible for doing and my to do lists are forever growing, so this Either Way I Haven't Done This Yet A6 Notepad is definitely one for me. The Weekly Planner A5 Notepad is definitely going to be used for me to plan out my week blogging wise; writing posts, taking photos, scheduling tweets, etc. because I'm always at work and on my days off don't want to do much so I need to sometimes write down where I'm at and what I should be doing. Now I am a sucker for a cute notebook, and I highly doubt I need another one.. But with such a cute saying like 'Notes and Dream, Thoughts and Schemes' and with it being such an ideal size at A5 this will definitely be coming in handy.

We then have stickers, and oh this made me so excited. So there was a pack of Motivational Stickers; the pack with cute things reminding me to work extra hard and telling me I've got this and then the cute pastel pack of Journal Stickers; which have the to-do lists and some really handy stickers which will really draw my attention. Also from the super cute Etsy store Lilac & Dot we have a really cute pack of Geometric Glitter Planner Stickers, which I just know I'm going to get a hell of a lot of use out of. I love the design of these, and I love how convincing the glitter is on these stickers!

Let's talk about what I can only call the 'other' little bits before I talk about all the prints included in the box! From the Etsy store emilyandangus I was actually really excited to see a little elastic hair tie because I really do love these style of hair ties for my hair! Can we talk about how amazing this pencil is, and totally unsafe for work it is? I'm pretty sure it's from thatlamecompany but I can't find it on the site so I can't be 100%.. Sorry! Although I am 100% sure that the Recipe Prints and the Snail Mail packs are from thatlamecompany and they are some of the cutest things I have ever seen. Now, who wants a cute letter from me so I can send someone these and also a cute recipe?!

Okay so let's talk about all the beautiful prints that were included in this months box, and let's split it into A5 and A6 prints. So we have a two cute A5 prints; a Believe in Yourself motivational print and a Cacti print because everyone needs some cacti in their life to make it a little bit better. We then have the two rose gold and the gold prints which are insanely pretty and I just stared at them when I got to them in the box. As well as a motivational one saying Celebrate All the Little Victories, we have one with naturally the best advice for any blogger; Blog, Tweet, Snack, Repeat and another which just describes my life; You Had Me At Pizza.

The A6 prints are just as cute. I have two that I'm not 100% as to where they're from, although I believe one of them is a Dorkface print! They are the motivational Flower print about reaching the sunshine and the Sweet As Candy print. Keeping with the motivational theme from thatlamecompany there are two prints; a Fear print reminding you to push through the fear and another print reminding you that it's always best to Start Now. From PopCuteStudios we have the cutest little Rice Bowl Postcard Print, which is a winner for me because of the pun! And then from RainingCatsAndCake we have the cutest Party Cat Mini Print which will make the cutest alternative birthday card for someone and I can't wait to give it to the perfect person.

So that is everything that was included in the September Blogger #BoxOfLame, I honestly don't know how all of that was squeezed in! As well as the Etsy stores that I've mentioned there are all of these amazing ones also included in this months box; daisyillustrates, DorkfaceShop, vitadelicata, CariadPlanning, RebeccaDrawsArt, CherryMadeThis, and LaraKingDraws. I cannot believe how many amazing people have put so much effort and hard work into this months box and have made it so incredible, I'm already waiting for the next box because I know it's just going to be great!