Life | Goodbye September

Dear September,

Oh my god, how quick have you gone? I know that sounds really cliche but it only feels like I was writing to August and then writing my Amsterdam post a couple of weeks ago and now we're nearly in October!

Of course we started the month by flying out to Amsterdam, which is always one of the best ways to start a new month and spending a whole week exploring a new city really is one of the best way to start a month if I'm honest. Amsterdam was such an interesting city and I really had a fantastic time, I got to visit some incredibly places and I got to see some things I never thought I'd ever be able to in my life time, but I've already wrote about this in my Amsterdam post!

I'm sorry September but I did become one of those people who bought the iPhone 7.. Judge me, I'm not even ashamed. In my defence I've been wanting to treat myself to a brand new phone for ages and I was going to buy myself the 6s; then when I got a tax refund and then saw that Apple were wanting the exact same price for the 7 well it was a no brainer really.. If I can't treat myself then who can I treat!

At this time of year I become the biggest basic white bitch and we have Starbucks to blame for that, everything in my life becomes Pumpkin Spiced! I couldn't resist this candle and wax pop from Bloom Candles, although I still don't have my hands on the Pumpkin Spice Baileys..

Health wise it was a really annoying month, I thought we'd got somewhere but it seemed to be a bit of a set back. But we finally have a date for my tilt table test which takes place in a couple of weeks so I'm sure you'll hear all about how that goes!

I genuinely cannot believe how quick you've gone September, I feel like I've done so much yet so little at the same time.

Beka. xo